Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Accidental Videos

My father sometimes has issues with his camera. He doesn't realize he has it set on video. So, he thinks he takes a photo but he actually starts the video. It isn't until he thinks he takes another picture that the video stops.

These are all from the boys 2nd day on earth, Thursday, June 25th.

This one is James in his isollette, some floor, than Michael after the CPAP had been removed.

Here are 2 videos of me feeding Ryan with a little bit of the floor in the middle.

Here I am posing with Ryan. Waiting for my Dad to take the picture, then waiting some more and a little more. Neither of us realized he was taking video the whole time.

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  1. Angela and Bob.. mrs. Jordan again.. I read the blog everyday with such joy in my heart for all of you. Please give Wendy a big hug for me too and tell that Granny I said congratulations! I hope these are getting through to you.. the boys are just wonderful.
    much love to you all