Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures of Life in the NICU

So, as I type, the boys are just shy of 48 hours old. Things are going great so far. It looks like Angela will be able to come home over the weekend. She's having some issues with swelling and dizziness but she's getting better.

This is James. He's the smallest of our trio and has been put in an isolette. He's having some issues with jaundice, so they have him under a lamp. Check out the cool shades! He's not ready to nipple feed yet, so he is still relying on the feeding tube. His blood sugars have been a bit low but it seems they are getting that under control, the doctors have upped the calories in his feeding. Who knew there was such a thing as a Newhouse with too little body fat?

Here is the first almost group photo we've been able to get. Michael is up front and Angela is holding James.

Here is Michael. Today we were able to put him in clothes for the first time. They are starting to ween him off the heat lamp, so if he can hold his temperature he will be able to move to an open crib. He still needs a little help breathing even though he is on room air. He appears almost ready to nipple feed, I tried for about 30 minutes today. He did all the motions but didn't get any food. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Mom holding Michael for the first time.

Grandpa Newhouse holding Ryan. Ryan was able to put clothes on yesterday and this morning when we went in to see him, he was in an open crib! We have been feeding him out of a bottle and he's doing great. The only thing he hasn't done yet is poop. If we can get him to do that today, things will be great. He'll be home soon. If not, they will x-ray him in the morning and see if he's having issues. That will be followed by an enima. So come on little Ryan, get those bowels moving!

Yesterday the hospital Chaplain came in and had a naming ceremony for the boys. Pictured above is the Chaplain, Grandma Ptomey, Cousin Amy, Grandpa Newhouse, Grandma Newhouse, Angela, Me and Ryan!

Here I am feeding Ryan for the first time.

That brown blanket looking thing near Ryan is something that both he and Angela have laid with. It helps him sleep and helps her produce milk.

Here I am changing Ryan (I think, it may be James before they put him in the chamber).


  1. Oh look how much attention those little boys are getting already! They will be spoiled in no time! Sounds like they are doing very well... so glad to hear! Looks like I'm not the only parent that gets their kiddos mixed up!! They are just as adorable as they can be! ENJOY!

  2. Angela~ I am so very excited and happy for you. The boys are simply precious! Congratulations to you and both are amazing people. Your father would be so happy and proud of you...I'm sure he's there in spirit watching over the boys...he was always so protective of the ones he loved. I wish you much happiness and love.
    Amy Hirsch (I hope you remember me...I met you so long ago, you were only 11 or 12, I'm Janets youngest sister...)