Monday, June 15, 2009

Baylor Beauty Salon

Perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened in this room in quite some time is the fact that my dear friend Penny came and gave me a haircut. I've been needing a new do for quite some time, and it was so wonderful of her to give me the full beauty treatment right here at the hotel. Now that I am sporting shorter hair, I think it will be much easier to deal with. There's just something about laying around in bed and long hair that don't really mix. Not only did Penny trim my locks, she also gave me the full beauty treatment and even put on makeup for me. Bob, as is usual when I get all dolled up, commented that I looked very "That Girl."

Not only did Sunday bring Penny and her scissors, but also Sue & John Paul, Joseph, and our parents. We had lots of good company, and I think everyone was here when Dr. Payne showed up to do the measurements of the boys. Baby A is head down and so close to the promised land (i.e. the exit) that the doc had to do a vaginal measurement of his head. He is still our smallest baby, and I've got a couple of theories why. He currently weighs about 3 lbs 10 oz. I think perhaps he and Baby B might share a placenta and Mr. B gets a bigger portion. If this is true, then they would be identical (except for size). From what I have read this is a common occurrence with identical babies, one gets more of the nutrients and such while the other gets the leftovers. Another explanation for his smaller size is that he is on the bottom and is constantly getting squished by his brothers. Baby B is still our biggest little man. He is 5 (yes 5) lbs and 3 oz. He is currently earning his nickname as the moose. Baby C is not far behind at 4 lbs 15 oz (which is almost 5 lbs). Of course their larger sizes are attributed to the gestational diabetes, but even so, Bob and I are pretty pleased with their weights and are hoping that all of their organs are properly developed. For a bit, we were pretty worried about Baby A. He is a little small, but we figure if anything was wrong with him, we would have delivered already.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. I have what I refer to as a "hitch in my butt" or I've pulled my sigh-at-tick (I can't spell, so this is as close as I get) nerve in my right butt cheek. It was really acting up, and when I went to bed, I took a couple of tylenol. The tylenol did NOT work, so the night nurses called a doctor to get a pain pill - vicodin. It was nice because after taking it, I could actually move without having to hold back tears of pain. In addition to my achey breaky butt, I wasn't very hungry as my tummy has run out of room for food and babies. Anyway, after a day of not feeling like eating and the doctor who was on call for Dr. Clark realizing that I lost 5 lbs last week, I was given the joyous boost to drink down for extra protein. Let's just say that no one will ever "boost" those drinks on purpose. After talking to the dietician and Dr. Clark today, it seems as though the weight loss is no big deal as long as the boys are gaining weight, which they all. I say, gentlemen start your engines and suck up some of those wonderful nutrients stored in the fat around my hips and thighs. I'm willing and able to give you all I've got, but I wont take it back. (With my luck, I'm sure they'd start by deflating my boobs). I am a little hungrier and less likely to be so stringent with my eating. I am running out of decent food to order here, and anyway, it just seems like it's more difficult to eat the same things day after day with not much variety. The dietician said that we can have any outside meat I want brought in by my dearly beloved. She even approved hot wings (the breaded kind - I was SHOCKED and pretty excited). Bob is willing to use any excuse to go in and check out the hot Hooters girls in Grapevine.

Today, I monitored, ate lunch, and took a wheelchair ride with my two moms. It was a lot of fun, and i was able to pick up some cards for an upcoming occasion that I need a card for. After we returned from our outing (which included a stay at the car to check out some things), the moms went to Target and Walmart while I took a spin in the whirlpool. It had been a while since the whirlpool and I had a nice afternoon together, and I was a little concerned about being able to make it in and out of the tub. Surprisingly, I did fine. For such a huge woman with such a lack of balance, I am amazed at the things I am able to still do at this size. The whirl was very relaxing, and I returned to the room about the same time as our mothers returned from shopping. I can't wait to actually get to go to Target with them. I'm pretty sure the numbers at Target have been down this quarter as I have not had an opportunity to do my part (of course, I think Wendy's might have to declare bankruptcy soon unless I return to my previous consumption of the #6 combo).

Tomorrow is another scan. It's a cervix/8 of 8 scan. Dr. Clark says he's just waiting for any excuse to deliver us, so hopefully the boys will cooperate and give us a reason. There is no way I want to keep on carrying these kids inside me. I do love them, but I'm ready to hold them in my arms and not in my abdomen. According to another doc we saw this weekend, the last set of triplets she delivered were 33 weeks and were released from the NICU within a week. That sounds so wonderful to Bob and I. I would absolutely LOVE to be out of here completely in a week and a half. If only this uterus would cooperate. Tragically that dumb pump seems to be taking care of all my contractions and the rest of my body is holding up wonderfully. I guess my height has a lot to do with the fact that we've made it this far. I guess I can suffer a couple more weeks, but those kids are going to hear about it every single day of their little lives. Or for at least as long as I remember how long this stay has been. By the way, tonight's small cheat included a skim milk coupled with three squares of a Hershey bar. Tasty, I say. Almost like chocolate milk, and luckily by the time I snagged it out of the fridge, Bob was already asleep on his tiny bed of torture.


  1. Hi Angela - I'm ashamed that I haven't made it back to see you again, but it just hasn't worked out. We are leaving for Northern IL on Thursday to visit relatives and won't be back in town until the 27th. By then, I know the babies will be here!! Of course I will take your blog address with me and be checking whenever and wherever I can beg the use of a computer at someone's home(some people actually don't have laptops!). I kind of go into internet withdrawal when I can't check all my blogs and sites1 Best of luck to you - I KNOW you will do great and can't wait to see the boys in person.

  2. Penny to the rescue!!!

    You both look so great! I can't wait to meet these boys.