Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Open Letter To God

Dear Heavenly Father/Creator of Heaven and Earth/Lord Almighty/Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ

(I admit, I'm kinda new to this paying attention in church thing and you have a lot of titles, I'm not sure which one you prefer)

Hello God, it's me Bob.

I'm the one who for years has been saying everyone needs something to believe in and I currently choose Bruce Springsteen. I really appreciate you not holding that against me.

Things have been really good for me lately and I know you are the one who deserves the thanks. In the past few years I've met the love of my life and we have been able to enjoy 4 great years together so far with the promise of many more to come.

We have been blessed with 3 triplet sons who we just can't wait to meet.

I read a quote yesterday that said "If you don't believe God has a sense of humor, tell him your plans".

I've always thought 2 children would make the perfect family. 4 just seems like a good number for a family. Party of 4 just kinda rolls off the tongue. It has taken me quite awhile to wrap my head around the whole family of 5 thing but I've also been told that You only gives us what we can handle.

Again, I'm pretty sure that shows the entire sense of humor thing because I'm not sure I can handle me, much less Angela and the boys.

We have been told from the second we found out that we were having triplets that this was going to be a hard road with many obstacles to overcome. We were told that we'd be lucky to get to 32 weeks of the pregnancy.

Well, all thanks be to you not only have we gotten to 32 weeks we are now at 33 weeks and it appears will hit even 34. We have had very few scares so far and most would say this has been a pretty easy triplet pregnancy.

I can't thank and praise you enough for the friends and family we've been blessed with. Their calls and visits have made what has now been an eight week hospital stay bearable.

When Angela was admitted to the hospital way back on April 24th the thought of going 8 weeks seemed impossible. No way either of us could make it that long. Thanks for giving Angela the strength to not only survive it but to do it with a smile and laugh that is frankly awe inspiring.

Thank you for our church family at Shepherd of Life. Walking back into that church several years ago was one of the best things I've ever done. The support of the people there is a constant sign of your love and grace and reminder that you are watching out for all of us.

The doctors tell us that the boys are doing great and that we've reached the point of the pregnancy where we are just waiting for an excuse to bring them into the world. There doesn't appear to be any complications and they feel the babies are ready to lead healthy lives with minimal assistance from the NICU.

I believe that you have also blessed us with a great set of doctors and the nurses have been unbelievable. We know that they will help us on this last portion of our journey under your ever watchful eye.

So, God, not to be greedy but I have a request: You think it's possible for Angela and I to meet our boys in the next few days?

I'm a guy who has a tough time with mano y mano attention and this ordeal has created a whole bunch of face to face contact. I'm ready for our church to be able to pray for other people in need. Their prayers (and everyones for that matter) have worked but I feel it's time for them to point their prayers elsewhere.

I believe our 15 minutes in other peoples prayers is over.

Not to worry God because I know when they are born we will need additional prayers so we aren't going anywhere but I'd like to get the process of re-directed prayers kick started.

I also realize that I owe you one.

I'm cool with that. Shoot, I owe you a whole lotta ones.

I'm cool with that as well.

Lord I thank you again for everything you have provided for us and that you continue to give Angela the strength to survive these last few days of pregnancy. I pray that you watch over our 3 boys as they enter our world and trust that you will be as proud of them as I know Angela and I will be.

Basically what I'm trying to say is we are ready when you are.

Did I mention that the hospital food while not that bad is the same every day of the week? Or that you have given us a great TV and a couch in front of it that are really needing attention these days?

So, whenever it is you feel the boys want to meet us, we are ready. Not sure if I made that point or not, I'm rambling and I just want to make sure I don't forget that.

Thanks again.


(Come on admit it Lord, you are waiting for the 3 Newhouse boys to say amen in their itty bitty baby voices as well.)

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