Saturday, June 13, 2009

32 & What's a Girl to Do?

What a side view! This shirt actually used to fit me, although I think it might need to be retired for the moment.

On Friday, Bob and I celebrated the beginning of our 8th week here at Hotel Baylor. We are both so ready to get home with our babies. We have hit the average length for triplets, and Dr. Clark is ready to deliver the boys as soon as they indicate they are ready. Personally, I've decided that week 33 should be our week. This is the third year of our marriage, I'm 33, we're having 3 boys, thus I think that Wednesday would be perfect because it will begin week 33, but I'm willing to compromise and deliver on Thursday. I keep telling the boys that it's getting close to time, but they just seem interested in trying to escape my body through my abdomen, my thigh, my ribs, and such. A couple of days ago, we were on the monitor and you could hear they boys kicking each other - one would kick and the one next to him would be pushed off the monitor. I think that they must be doing a lot of those "Hey watch this!" tricks back and forth between them. As it stands now, there really aren't any signs that we are any closer to the end. I can still stand up and move around, my sugar is pretty much under control (although I am having a hard time eating - there's not much room in the inn and I think that if I see another chicken sandwich or salad, I'll puke), and there are no signs of preeclampsia or high blood pressure that would cause the doctors to decide to schedule the c-section. Since all three gentlemen are in the head down position, some of the more insane nurses have suggested that we try a vaginal birth. I can't even imagine the damage three boys would do to that exit ramp, and I'm not so keen on naturally occurring pain - give me the drugs, cut those guys out in 15 minutes, and let's get on with it. Surprisingly, I still have a wee bit of belly button when I sit down (which is 23 hours and 45 minutes of my day), but I am expecting it to disappear at any moment. Tomorrow, Dr. Payne is supposed to come by and measure the boys. We are really excited to find out how big they've gotten. It seems like I've gotten bigger everyday as is evidenced by the photos. :) I'm pretty sure that the growing I'm doing is all going to the boys since I actually lost weight last week (nothing wrong with the triplet weight loss plan known as gestational diabetes). It's getting harder and harder to follow that strict diet. In the last few weeks, I've started to "cheat" a little. Today, I had 9 peanut M&Ms (quite a bit of restraint as I wanted to eat the entire package including the wrapper). The other day, I had a bite of Bob's ice cream. I've snagged a mini-pringle from Faith, and I'm jonesing for any kind of cake that comes in a piece larger than a postage stamp. I've got a book on multiples and pregnancy which says that the average diet for triplets should be 4,000 calories. Due to the diabetes, I'm on a 2400 calorie diet. Seems like there's room for a milkshake or two somewhere in that discrepancy.

On other fronts in our world, this weekend, the Rangers play the Dodgers. My in-laws are pretty big Dodger fans (and for that matter so is Bob as long as they are NOT playing the Rangers). So far, the Rangers won the first game, which Jim and Kathy left before the score was final - I think to avoid any taunting, and I'm watching the Rangers attempt to catch up to the Dodgers right now. You never know with the Rangers until the score is final (Andru Jones just stole a base - nothing irritates the in-laws more than the fact that the Dodgers are paying Jones to play for the Rangers - Bob and I LOVE IT!). The rivalry (at least in our world) game kind of makes it more enjoyable to watch the games. Since we've been in the hospital, Bob and I have watched LOTS of sporting events as it seems like sports are easier to have on in the background as people come in and out or the nurses need to get monitoring, blood sugar, shots, etc. done. Luckily, we do love the Rangers, and they play pretty frequently.

Tomorrow, we will see a couple of our siblings. John Paul & Sue are coming for a visit from Tyler since they haven't seen Jim & Kathy yet, and my brother Joseph is coming home from Oklahoma in order to pick up his retainer - he's so happy to be braceless (I've heard that milk duds are the formerly forbidden fruit of choice lately). Tomorrow, Faith leaves for church camp. She's very excited to go, and I've been teasing her that I am going to have her nephews while she's gone. Tonight she asked my mom if she could call on the emergency number of the camp if the boys were born. It made me smile that she's so excited about the coming of our three little monkeys (although she still seems to be leaving my offer of putting 25 cents toward her Christmas gift for each diaper she changes on the table).

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  1. First and foremost, smack the next nurse that suggests a (I mean 3) vaginal delivery(ies).

    Wow....all those 3s. Such an exciting week. Every time I see that you all have updated the blog, I half expect there to be pictures of 3 little guys. Can't wait until I see that picture, but happy that they are continuing to cook.