Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mom and michael

He is on a feeding tube but doing well
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  1. I"m about to start, so happy for you all. Will alert the prayer chain at church. Praise God they have all arrived and are doing well.

  2. Wow! Congrats! They are just precious! And doing so well... you are so blessed! I had 33 weekers, too! They will be home in no time! Can't wait to watch them grow (and rather quickly I might ad!) CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. My Sweet Tweena,
    I am so thrilled the boys are here! They are beautiful. As soon as my mom called (Gramma Barb. She has been running to the computer every 15 minutes today.) me at work I was crazy! I had a business dinner that I had to go to and as soon as I got in the car I heard the best song. I have not listened to it since you know when. It was "Freebird". I cranked my radio and cryed and sang all the way to Red Lobster. I am so happy for you and so proud of you. My heart is full. I will call tomorrow as I know it has been a big day.
    I love you all,

  4. Congratulations to all 5 of you! Angela... you look better after having triplets than I did after having a single baby. Multiples suit you well :)

    Welcome to the world, Newhouse men.

  5. oh ya'll!!!! they are just so precious.. congrates i am just bawling looking at those precious babies!!! way to go angela!!! you really did a good job with carrying those buggers!!! way to go!!! i am just so happy for all 5 of you.. man. what a great looking group of boys!!!!