Thursday, June 4, 2009

31, Time Out, and the Vacation of Pie

This is Bob and I on May 23 - at the one month mark of our stay here at Baylor.

This picture is from today - the difference in the belly just in a couple of weeks is AMAZING. I know I'm huge, but pictures like this leave me in awe of my ability to stand upright and excessively impressed that I was able to bend over and shave my legs in the shower today. ;)

After a little bit of a nerve wracking time last week, my body is calming down and Bob and I are relaxing for a few days as we let nature take its course and the boys grow. We've made it to week 31, so we're halfway to our gold medal. The boys are looking great, and I'm feeling really good - and looking really huge. As I get bigger, the boys are getting stronger, and on Tuesday, the little guys were WILD. I can't begin to describe how crazy they were on Tuesday. At about 5 am, they started rocking and rolling and didn't stop until I finally went to bed. Every day, the boys and I monitor - me for contractions and them for heartbeats. Around 9 am, our nurse came in to put us all on the monitor, and after 30 minutes of searching for everybody followed by 15 minutes of trying to get the boys to stay on the monitor, she finally gave up and left them alone for a bit to calm down. The nurse came back in about 45 minutes and tried again, more successfully, but when I told Bob that they had to stop the monitoring to give HIS children time to calm down, he exclaimed, "they put our kids in time out!" I thought for sure their first visit to the time out chair would have been post-uterus, but I guess in more ways than one our kids are overachievers.

Today was a pretty eventful day in my world. I'm sure that if you've talked to me at any point in the last five weeks (since the diabetic diet started), you've heard an earful about tacos (which are advertised on TV at least 15 times an hour) and chocolate milkshakes. These are the two things that I crave the most. In fact, I've already planned the route home from the hospital to include stops at Taco Bell & Braums (and if Bob has any thoughts of skipping them - he might lose an arm or two). Anyway, since the dreaded diet has begun, I have not been allowed to eat any outside food other than cherry tomatoes and veggies. Yum. Yesterday, after talking to the nutritionist and getting it cleared, I ordered beef fajitas. I can't express how much I was looking forward to those fajitas. When my tray came, when I opened the plate - there sat a pathetic looking PB&J instead of a heaping helping of Mexican goodness. I think it's the closest I've come to crying over food. Luckily Maria, the hostess in charge of my food, found me something a little better to eat, although it was NOT fajitas. Due to this little mix up (apparently hotel Baylor has exorcised the joy of fajitas from its menu for good), the nutritionist came to apologize and told me I could order fajitas from outside the hospital. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!! I called the man who loves me the most, and we arranged for him to pick up very tasty fajitas from Uncle Julios. Holy schmole, it was the best food I've put to my lips in weeks. After a month of watching Bob & my family eat chips, treats, huge Italian meals, PF Changs, Hooters, California Pizza Kitchen, Jason's Deli, etc., I finally got to participate. Bob and I actually ate a meal together. It was wonderful, and I can't wait to do it again.

In other news in my world, my parents left for vacation today. My dad has been looking forward to this trip for a while, and when he first told me about it, he described not the places they would visit or the sights they would see, but rather the pie joints they would stop in and partake from. Thus, I have dubbed this vacation, the Vacation of Pie. Last week, they weren't sure that they'd be able to go since my situation was pretty precarious, but now, since things have settled down, they are probably at this very moment pausing somewhere in New Mexico to consume pie. Bob and I have requested a piece of pie from each location they stop at, but even if they purchase these pieces of pie, I have no doubt they wont make it back to the metroplex. :) As my parents are heading west in search of pie, Bob's parents are heading east to hang out here with us to wait for the birth of our babies. I'm so glad that they are coming. Bob has really been in need of people to hang around the house. It's a little lonely in that big place without me, and I think the silence is starting to get to him (along with the neediness of Emma, who apparently stalks him for love and then bites him - gotta love that cat).


  1. have grown since Saturday! But you look great and certainly have the "glow". I'm so glad to hear you had some decent food that all pregnant women are supposed to enjoy. Hang in there - we'll see you all soon!

  2. You are looking so good and doing such a good job being patient - you have almost got it made now! I keep thinking if I come by again you may be in delivery!


  3. Wow!! The June 2, picture is really something. Are you sure there are only 3 in there? Ha! Just kidding. You look great and I know you are getting anxious. Lupita came by this afternoon and we had a nice visit. We talked about you all. All good stuff. Keep us posted, and good luck.
    Aunt Vera

  4. I can relate to your feelings about the food commercials. Sonic finds it necessary to air commercials here on the cable channels. So right smack dab in the middle of Law and Order (the ones with Vincent), there is a Sweetheart Shake calling to all residents of Northern Virginia. Here's the kicker: the closest one is about 250,000 miles away. I Hate Them!

    PS..they are building Sonics in DC and I plan to visit every grand opening...Just Kidding...kind of...

    Miss YOU!!