Sunday, June 7, 2009

Newhouse's in My House

Today after a 2 day torturous ride, which included a slight GPS mishap, my wonderful in-laws arrived. They got to the hospital around 5 tonight bearing an Explorer full of gifts from afar. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill sent us a mommy and daddy survival package filled with caffeine pills, energy drinks, and other essentials. I think Bob and I will fight over the caffeine pills the most.

They also brought along a swing set for the boys which Jim carefully packed so that it did not rattle during his cross country trek. We shared a meal of Hooters Hot Wings which apparently took Bob, Jim and Joseph to pickup. They came back bearing wings and the knowledge that every Sunday until July 3rd is Loo-Au day at the Grapevine Hooters. (Which means bikini's). Jim still thinks the Hooters on Hollywood Boulevard has a higher quality of lady than this particular location. Everyone enjoyed the wings and a certain nameless pregnant lady may have even snuck a wing when Bob wasn't looking. It was mighty delicious. After visiting for awhile everyone but Bob headed out for the evening.

Speaking of parents, my parents have not endulged in pie on their vacation of pie. I think my Dad is avoiding pie to make a point, which is very disapointing to me since he promised to bring me a piece from each location. Due to this unfortunate turn of events I'm renaming their vacation to the vacation of Bats. Tonight they are checking out the bats in Austin having already spent 2 nights watching the bats in Carlsbad, NM. They should be heading for home pretty soon and once everyone arrives and Week 32 begins on Wednesday, these boys and I might need to have a talk.

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