Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here is another Triplet Podcast for you

You can listen to it here. If you like it and want to listen to more go here and follow the iTunes links.


  1. Good morning, "Daddy and Mommy Newhouse,"
    We are SOOO happy for all of you..and the photos are such a thrill to view!! Two people from our prayer chain called me for news yesterday shortly after I'd seen the posting. I sent them to your blog and they loved seeing the babies we'd been praying for!!
    God bless you as you continue on this journey together.
    Love and hugs to all,
    "Grandma Janet's Mom"
    PS Anyone who enjoys the Beatles Birthday Song is high on my list, and I cried at the next one..

  2. Angela and Bob, We are so happy for you. A rue miracle has happened in your three sons. I will look forward to updates as I see youi in the neighborhood. I doubt you will be blogging much longer.Yiou have lots to keep you occupied.
    Congrats, Elizabeth and Chris