Wednesday, June 17, 2009

33 Weeks Today!

Who would have thought that when we started this triplet journey we'd make it to thirty-three weeks? Not me. Well, at first I thought we'd make it to 36, but that was before spending time trapped in this huge body and in the hospital. It seems like we just keep getting worked up to deliver any minute and then nothing. The boys are more than happy to hang out here in my abdomen and cook. It's really the best thing for them, but we were so sure that they'd be here by now. I am longing to meet them and see their little faces. I can't wait to hold them in my arms and to see who has Bob's nose and my eyes, etc. I'm sure that all moms start to feel this way close to the end.

Despite all of this work up to the big event, I'm starting to think that these kids may actually wait until the 4th of July to show up (which is what I originally thought around week 16 - what a cool birthday that would be). From what the doctors say, you'd think that the birth will be any minute, but I think they are just a bunch of men who have perfected the art of stringing uncomfortable women along. I really think that the three men who rule my gestational world are feeding me a bunch of lines to keep me in line. :) Last week at our multiples appointment, the doctor told us we'd do an amnio at 34 weeks (next Wednesday), and if the lungs were developed, we'd deliver then. That gave Bob and I a great goal - it was our original goal, but Dr. Clark said that as soon as anything with me changed for the worse then we'd go in for delivery. This week at our multiples appointment, we were told that we need another 2 weeks of growth info before they would do an amnio - that pushes us to week 35. Of course, we still have the promise that if anything changes we'll deliver, but it seems like we're following the doctors' trail of bread crumbs right into week 36.

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