Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's In a Name?

Today has been a roller coaster of days. Our morning started with Bob and I enduring a very intense doctor's appointment. Complete silence is never good. After about 5 minutes of searching and making me flip over on my side, we found out that the boys were not practicing their breathing. We were sent back to the room to monitor immediately. Bob and I thought for sure that the C-section was coming.

The results from the monitoring came back that everybody was fine, and Bob left for work when my mom arrived. Around 3 this afternoon our nurse came in to start the IV and to tell us that it was probably going to be tonight. Bob and I sent out the smoke signals, and everybody headed to the hospital to arrive just in time to hear the doctor cancel the C-Section for tonight.

According to Dr. Clark, we will deliver tomorrow afternoon sometime. He better be telling the truth, or I'm waddling myself over to his office to take care of business. Since everyone was here, Bob and I decided to reward them with the name revelation.

So, here it is:

Baby A - James Allen named after both our dads.
Baby B - Michael Christopher named after Joseph and Stephen.
Baby C - Ryan Campbell named after Zach and my Grandpa.

We decided to go with middle names so that we wouldn't be saying Big Zach and Little Zach.

Now we are patiently waiting for tomorrow, and I have to say the thing that sucks the most is the fact that I have this IV piercing my hand. Tomorrow is the big day, and I think Bob and I are felling all those things new parents feel - excited, happy, scared shitless.


  1. Precious, precious names!! We can't wait to meet James, Michael and Ryan. way better than larry, curly and mo. the Iv does suck, so I feel for you. Enjoy your evening!

  2. I couldn't sleep so I started reading my friends' blogs and am now reading yours - so excited for you two and I absolutely love all the names and how great they are named after family - everyone must be so proud and misty-eyed! Now I really can't sleep because I am so excited! But the good thing is it's a silent house here and perfect for spending some time in prayer for all of you! Can't wait to hear the joyous news tomorrow!

    Lori Anderson

  3. Yay! I LOVE the names...Baby C: now there is a name I could love...wait a second!

    Can't wait!

    That IV does bite the big one and they don't take it out until way after the boys come. I was begging and threatening to act like one of those drug addicted AMA baby donors on Baby Story...pull the thing out and leave. It was bad here in VA.

    Oh!!! So excited! Your boys are going to be so lucky to have wonderful parents like the two of you! And to be surrounded by such lovely friends and family that have been following you guys. It is just so nice to watch.

    Good luck! I'm picturing 60 crossed fingers and toes. :)


  4. Praying for you up here in Illinois!

    I logged on this morning after seeing last night that the c-section was scheduled and I was so excited.