Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not today afterall

Apparently there is a baby boom here at baylor, so they are telling us that the c section is tomorrow at 3.

Hurry up and wait I guess.



  1. Woo hoo! I am so excited and can't wait to meet the little Newhouse boys! We will say a special prayer for all of you tonight at dinner!

    Arthur, Lori, and Madison

  2. This is your last chance!! Get a good night's sleep while you can!!

    I can't wait to see their sweet little faces and piggies!


  3. AHHHH - I'm so ready to see a picture...I can't imagine yall's anticipation. blessings to all 5 of you.

  4. How exciting!!! Please post if there is anything you need!!

    Prayers for safe and healthy delivery of all 3 Newhouse boys, and prayers for Mommy and Daddy as well.

    Amy Schuster

  5. oh my goodness i will be thinking of you both all night!!! congrates!! i am so excited for you angela and bob and baby a, baby b, and baby c.... I know you are both soo very ready for the day to come!! congrates and know that you have a whole plethera (to quote a now appropriate line from the THREE AMIGOS!!) of people praying for you!!!! Go get'em angela!!! and get ready Bob.. it's an awsome ride!!!!