Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seven to Ten then the Life Sentence Begins!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to my husband who will have three children to buy him ugly ties and useless golf tools over the course of the next several years!

On Wednesday, we will arrive at our goal date of June 24. It's hard to believe that it's almost here. I am so ready to have these babies, and I think the doctors and my body are starting to agree with me. According to Dr. Clark, he and the multiples doctor, Dr. Graham are going to talk and make a plan for us to deliver in the next seven to ten days (counting from last Friday). My insulin needs have gone way down - when I was first diagnosed, I was taking 355 total units plus sliding scale (which means around 400 units - enough to kill a horse from what I understand), and now I am taking 160 units - which is more than a 50% decrease. Dr. G told us that this steep of a drop can indicate that my placentas are breaking down and that it could be time for the boys to come greet the world. What they will be watching in the next few visits to the multiples scan is the amount of fluid in each boy's sac. Any significant decrease, and it will be time for delivery. Bob has Tuesday in the "office pool," and I've chosen Friday. (Those are our scan days). Either way, Dr. C said we would not go past 35 weeks, so the end is in sight.

Today, the boys are hanging out all in the middle of my tummy together. It's sort of like they are all getting in line to take their turn to pass through the golden gate into the realm of the real world. There are many, many things that I will NOT miss about being pregnant - ankles swollen to the size of my thighs, serious pain in my pelvic area, the inability to sit up or get out of the bed in 10 minutes or less, the fact that I've turned into teen wolf as far as hair growth goes, etc., but I think that there are some things that I will miss. I think I'll miss feeling my babies move around and the fact that I may have to leave them behind here at Baylor for a couple of days seems like I'm anticipating having my arm amputated. These boys have been with me every step of this process, and I don't know if I want to be away from them until they go to college. :) I will miss listening to their hearts race and holding the monitors in place so that they get good readings. I will miss forcing Bob to feel their little body parts poking out around my tummy - he thinks it's bizarre, but I just think it's cool. Things are starting to change in my body - lots more swelling, my beard seems to be thinning (thank goodness), and , and I guess it's God's way of getting both mommies and babies ready for the big transition to diaper changes and breast feeding.


  1. Bless you heart honey. They'll be here before you know it and you won't even remember what life was like without them. Enjoy!

  2. OH we just can't wait!!

    Much Love from VA,
    the McQueen FIVE