Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bath Time, Boob Juice, and Beautiful Boys

The boys are doing better every single day. They are growing and getting more mature, and hopefully they will be able to come home soon. Today marks their one week birthday. I'm going to try and get a group shot of the little men today. All the monitors and cords make it almost impossible to get a group shot, but we are all hopeful. I'm starting to get the hang of this breast feeding stuff, although I'm still not making enough to feed one of the boys much less all three. I guess it'll get easier as time goes on. Ryan has actually had a snack or two courtesy of me - he's definitely a boob man. Yesterday, Bob and I got to give the boys their first baths. They all loved getting their hair washed, and surprisingly, Ryan was the only real screamer. Apparently that laid back exterior does not extend to bathing.

Here's James enjoying getting his hair washed. He is currently off of heat in the isolette which means that he is finally wearing clothes. He's so tiny compared to his brothers, but so feisty. He is very opinionated about which position he wants to be in. If he decides he'd like to lay on his side, he'll squirm around until he makes it there. He cracks both of us up with his squirming.

Michael got a bath by Grandma Newhouse (she was much faster than Bob or I - I didn't scrub hard enough at first and Ryan was a bit dramatic). He is finally starting to get the hang of eating off a bottle. I guess he just needed a little time to decide that he wants to eat for himself. He has the cutest dimples that I didn't notice until Bob pointed them out to me. Yesterday, he was so curious. Usually he just gets his diaper changed, makes a few grunts to say hello, and heads back to sleep, but he actually was wide awake for almost half an hour yesterday night.

Ryan is doing well, and he is still our best hope for getting one of the babies home. It looks like he's going to be slower than we expected. He's doing well with his feedings, but he's having trouble with his temperature. The doctor thought on Monday that Ryan might come home Friday, but since he still isn't able to hold his temp, we are not sure when he'll actually make it home much sooner than his brothers. Bob is rooting hard for him to come home soon. We both can't wait for the little men to actually make it through the door of casa Newhouse.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the details!

    I love the Blues Clues Steve outfit! Too cute!

    Come home soon, baby boys!