Friday, July 3, 2009

On the way home with Ryan

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  1. On the way home?!? 1 week in the NICU - that's amazing! We brought one home a week before the other... try not to get too spoiled! Haha! Enjoy your weekend - you have so much to celebrate!

  2. Yea, the little guy has been pretty amazing. 9 days in the NICU for a 34 weeker is pretty cool. We've been blessed. Hopefully his brothers won't be too far behind him. It makes me smile to think we can tell him his homecoming party featured fireworks.

  3. The faux-sister weirdness continues: Your Ryan comes home while our Ryan spent time in his new home for the first time. Ok, your Ryan wins because it is way more exciting!! Congratulations!! We are so excited for you guys.

    Welcome home, Baby Boy!