Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Greatness of Grandparents

As we approach the one month birthday of our three musketeers, my grandparents were finally able to come and see the boys. After weeks of waiting on doctors and nurses to call them back, Grandma (who has yet to find a great-grandma name) and Popo Gejo (who has a unique name to start) hopped in their pearly white convertible and headed to Haslet. I know that both of them were eager to come see their first great-grandkids, and Grandma was dying to be able to hold a boy or two (or three). Since they have arrived, I think she's started to get her baby fix, and Popo is still trying to stick to his no holding babies until they reach six months (although somewhat unsuccessfully).

We were lucky enough to convince G & PG to stay at our place for a day or two before they head over to Mom's place to stay. It gave us the opportunity to move upstairs and try the boys out in the nursery with monitors rather than keeping them in our room. Although I'm not quite ready to move the kids out of our room, I think they did pretty well in their own room. We were down the hall with the video monitor Zach & Mandy got us (thanks guys) on and Kathy slept in the adjoining room just in case. For the most part, things went really well. Last night, at the 2 am feeding, my children tried to challenge my motherly skills for all they were worth. At 2, when I peeked in the bed, James was asleep and Michael had his eyes half open. I thought that Mike would continue to sleep since he looked peaceful, so I warmed the bottles and changed James' diaper and clothes (apparently even if you point the pee shooter down, it has a mind of its own and will go off in various directions soaking said pee shooter owner's clothes). I had moved all of the newborn stuff downstairs, so I grabbed a 0 to 3 months onesie that Bob had gotten me as a Christmas gift - the Cowboy outfit. Things were going just fine, James was eating, I was rocking him in Lain's rocking chair when Michael started to scream. I decided to grab Mike and sit on the floor with the boys on my lap and feed them both. It was challenging but working when guess who started screaming as well, yep Ryan. So, I laid the boys on the floor, grabbed Ryan and his bottle and attempted (somewhat poorly) to feed them all. I held James and put Ryan and Mike between my feet and propped their bottles on my feet. It was comical but seemed to work well enough to get everybody a little food in their tummies so that I could finish feeding them one at a time. Apparently, Michael and Ryan had pooped up a storm. It was coming out the sides of their diapers for both of them. I made it through, but it was kind of challenging.

James & Michael with Grandma Newhouse

Daddy & Ryan

James checks out the whale while wearing his Cowboy duds.

Michael breaks free.

Napping on Mom & Dad's bed.

After passing out in the bed at 4 am, I slept until 10, then headed downstairs to celebrate our babies one month birthday. In honor of said birthday, the cameras came out in full force. Here are some of the better shots.

Grandma Newhouse and the one month olds.

Popo Gejo breaking his rule to pose with the boys.

Grandma enjoying getting her hands on all three boys at once.

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