Monday, July 27, 2009

GruntFest 2009

I've just finished the 1 am feeding (yippee, we just transitioned to four hours between feedings) and pumping, and I am about to take the boys back into our bedroom. While I sit here on the couch, I must say, that my children are extremely noisy. They are all sleeping, but it sounds like they are being beaten or are having to do some serious straining to push poop through their systems. They are noisy eaters too. Next time we have a chance, I'm going to make Bob video so that the kids believe me when I tell them that they sounded somewhat like a chorus of grunting pigs when they were little. You have to have proof of this stuff. The faces they make to go along with the sounds are pretty entertaining as well. Do you ever get tired of admiring your kids once you become a mom? I hope not.

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