Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Baby Home and a Disaster of a Changing

So, Ryan came home yesterday after only 9 days in the NICU. We can't wait to get his brothers home (they may still be a few weeks) but I have to say, I'm glad they weren't here last night.

I had the first late night changing/feeding which was scheduled for 12 am. Instead of going to bed I made the decision to just stay up and play some PS3, something I hadn't done in about 3 months. Well, I was having some internet issues so it took just about until the changing until I got that fixed.

All that meant is I tried to play a game while doing the feeding. I now know that won't work.

I started by changing his diaper and all was well, just a small poop. As I'm doing the wiping out comes a little more poop, I say, that's funny, I unlodged something. Then all of a sudden the friggin motherload starts coming out. Along with farts and everything. I realized I had the dirty diaper almost removed when this started.

Uh oh.

Now the clean diaper isn't clean anymore because it was in position to get snapped on. That's ok but I had him stood up for the wiping and now poop is going everywhere.

Well, there goes that outfit.

He had poop up by his neck. How the hell did that happen?

I finally get him all washed up now it's time to put him in a new outfit.

In the NICU, they require outfits with snaps so they can run the monitor cords out of them. We don't require that here, so all the outfits are over the head ones and I'm here to tell you Ryan and I didn't do so well with that last night.

He wasn't happy with me at all.

Which woke my mom up and I tried to play like everything was ok but I had a disaster on my hands. She went back to bed and I finally got him clothed and tried to feed him.

By this time he was pooped and had no interest in anything but sleep. I had to keep him up though because there was no way he was going to fail his first late night feed at home under my watch.

What was supposed to take 30 minutes ended up taking an hour but finally about 1 I got him back to sleep and I crawled into bed.

Needless to say when the 3 am feeding arrived and Angela volunteered for it, I didn't fight that too much.

Before we took Ryan home we were able to get a family photo. Angela has James, I have Michael and Uncle Joseph has Ryan. Grandma and Grandpa Newhouse are there along with Grandma Ptomey.


  1. Oh Bob.... Get ready... there is lots more poop where that came from! At least 3x as much! :)

  2. Your boys are beautiful and I am very happy for you. You did a great job growing them Mom. They were really great weights for triplets. I'm the triplet mom you purchased the Triple Decker Stroller from and looked up your email address in hopes of finding a forum you might be on so I could see how you were doing. I'm glad to have found your blog and find all is well. You are in for loads of fun and work but believe me the time will fly. I can't believe my boys will be a year old in a few weeks... :)