Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Video Killed the Radio Star

This past week, Bob has been fulfilling his fatherly duties and transferring the videos we've taken into computer friendly formats. Some of the videography leaves a little to be desired, but there are some gems amongst the raw footage.

Here are all three Newhouse boys leaving the hospital for the final time. Some lady in a yellow shirt is so excited to leave with all of her children that she has a small breakdown that her mother tries to capture on film - not cool.

On Saturday, we had our first photoshoot. Apparently triplets are quite challenging and take three hours to get just a couple of poses. Also, no one tells you that those naked pictures that are so cute result in lots of flying pee (literally). There were many golden showers but some cute pictures (I hope). It was necessary to be very quiet while we attempted to get the right shot, so there is not much conversation. James is in the middle, Ryan is on the left, and Michael is on the right.

At some point during this shoot, Ryan peed on James. I'm not sure what he did to deserve it, but I'm sure that Ryan had good reason - if nothing else, he's paying him back for shooting pee all over Grandma Kathy and hitting Michael (who was innocently laying on the blanket) in the head with his stream.

Baseball bottoms - thanks to Aunt Shirley.

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