Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Power of Facebook and Twitter

As I sit next to Angela's hospital bed watching a very small, snowy television set it is easy to lose track of what is going on in the real world. Our window to the world has been facebook. It's been the best way for us to see what our friends are up to.

I'm not one to throw around the word blessed very often but I truly feel that way lately. Our friends and family have been great. The baby stuff we have accumulated through showers is breath taking. I feel like we could open up a wing of babies r us when the boys grow out of all this great stuff.

Phone calls and visits to the hospital have literally been God sends. Not everyone can make it out here so facebook is the way we keep up with everyday life. It's a lot of fun to see who wishes everyone a good day and who is having issues with their cable and internet connections.

I rarely post status updates on my twitter account which is linked to facebook as well. Last night I decided to post the following message: still trying to wrap my head around the doc telling us that the end is near.

You see, a day or two earlier the Doctor told us that the signs are starting to point towards the boys making an appearance sooner rather than later. Angela wrote about it in the blog a few days ago and every day the doctors just continue saying the same thing.

In addition to the blog we have spent a lot of time on the phone explaining to people what is going on.

What I didn't factor in was that we haven't been able to talk to everyone and facebook hits a lot of people quickly.

It didn't take very long to start getting responses like - what? Huh? Explain please?

I felt everyone who really cared knew the scenario and I was just trying to state the things running around my head. One of the many blessings I've discovered is that even if they are only seeing us on facebook, people still care.

It's pretty cool actually.

So then this morning I posted this - to clarify-we are at 30 wks-goal is 34-doc say signs say next week or so.

Twitter limits how many characters you can use and 9 times out 10 I don't need as many as they give to get my point across. Sometimes you need more than that.

Things with the boys are going great. It's just some signs within Angela say her body is ready for the boys to meet the world.

Keep checking here because it may only be a facebook style update but I will post here when the process starts. It may take awhile for a "normal" update but I will do what I can to keep all our friends in the know.

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