Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh What a Difference a Visit Makes!

As I sit here in my bed reflecting on the past couple of weeks, I have to say the highlight of my days have been all of the visits from my wonderful friends and family. I am awed and humbled by how many people have taken the time to come by and just hang out with us. To those of you who have come by or called, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You make the days so much brighter. I feel sorry for the ladies on this hall who don't get company.

The past week has been a little more exciting than the previous one as it has been diagnosed that I have gestational diabetes (and perhaps I might have had diabetes before becoming pregnant due to my extremely high sugar numbers). This has resulted in the removal of pleasure from one of my great loves - eating. It's not hard to guess that I like food, but now I'm on a restricted diet that makes me feel like the cookie monster is growing inside me as they poke my fingers and administer huge quantities of insulin. Today, I had 4 graham crackers and a tiny little tub of peanut butter (about the size of butter or jelly tubs at Denny's) & it sent my sugar numbers over the moon. The doctor told me that it would take a bit to work out how much insulin and how many calories I need, but please, please, please tell me that one day I'll get to eat fruit again - because 2 grapes and a tiny cup of cantaloupe which I don't like does NOT count. I shouldn't complain because I know that things could be much worse, and it probably isn't horrible that I had to give up my secret stash of desk treats (the brownies, swiss roll cakes, and Twix I kept in my file cabinet as back up for hunger), but still, do they have to take away a girl's milk at breakfast and roll with spaghetti. Ah, the tragedy of eating "healthier."

On a brighter note, today was my first Mother's Day. Bob and I discussed not celebrating Mother's & Father's Days because we are only in utero at the moment, and I'm not sure it counts until you've changed a dirty diaper and taken a picture of your kid doing something cute. Despite this belief, there were many people who validated us as parents - I guess parenthood begins when you start to think of your kids first and yourself second (hence the reason I have been trying to eat yogurt and veggies). I received several lovely gifts - a plant, flowers, a plant to put in my Mother's Day craft project from here at the hospital, and surprisingly some things from my children. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Bob took the boys shopping (on Amazon of course since he is violently opposed to stepping into any store other than a grocery store - and that is only by necessity). Today, all my boys managed to buy a card for mom & brought me stuffed animals of the Shrek Triplets. They are so cute, and I have them right by my bed so they'll be close. I also got a bracelet that will be engraved with the names of the boys and their birthstones when all of that info becomes final. I must say, I think I might have the best husband in the world.

Well, one of the things moms like to do is show off pictures of their kids. So, here are the latest additions to our sonogram pictures.

Here is our sweet Baby A giving us a good profile shot. This past week he seems to be hanging out somewhere around my left thigh, but if I lay on him wrong, he still manages to kick me like there's no tomorrow until I turn over.

This is the slightly cramped Baby B. If you look closely, he kind of looks like a squished alien, but I think that's because someone's hiney is resting on his head. Even so, as a mother always thinks - he is too cute. This weekend, as Bob and I listened to music, he was tapping his foot on my tummy to the beat, and Baby B kept tapping back. I guess this might be our little drummer boy.

Finally, Baby C giving us good face (in the words of Madonna). This guy is sitting on top of the heap closer to my lungs than my legs, and he certainly is trying to do his alien impression all the time as I feel him putting his butt against my belly and attempting to burst forth. Bob and I keep telling him that it's not time yet, but he doesn't seem to care about that. I do enjoy watching him make his way across my abdomen even if it does feel like he's trying to make a jailbreak.

All of the boys are very healthy and a little large for the stage that they are currently in due to my sugar issues. Every day, I get to hear their heartbeats and last week we got to watch the activity in their lungs. They are looking fantastic, and Bob and I are looking forward to Wednesday which will start week 28 (our first goal - there is a 90% chance that if the boys are born after week 28 that they will be healthy and normal).

Thanks for all of the prayers, calls, emails, visits, care packages - they really, really mean the world to Bob and I. We are blessed to have you all as friends.

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