Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy Crap! Our Nursery(ies) Is(Are) a Different Color!

One of the things that has suffered due to Angela being in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy is house work. I do what I can but I can't justify to myself that I should be at home vacuuming or mowing the yard instead of being at the hospital with Angela. I've been trying to do my chores during my lunch hour but it takes more than an hour to do most of what I need to do. (The dresser took 3 lunch periods last week)

Up till now people have been pretty critical of me for not accepting help. It's been easy up until Angela checking into the hospital. There were only 2 of us, so doing all the housework was tiring but it wasn't difficult. Now I just don't have the time to do it all so I'm calling peoples bluff. If you are offering to help, let it be known, I am taking people up on it now. So, if you don't mean it, don't offer, I won't be offended.

The first person to get caught was Melanie. She offered to paint the nurseries and I called her bluff. You'll have to ask her whether or not she expected me to take her up on the offer but yesterday she came out to the house along with her neighbor Pam and her sister Margaret. In just about 5 hours they painted the two rooms, moved the furniture around, vacuum'd the house, cleaned out my fridge, took out the trash, cleaned the cat box, fed my dogs, almost lost the cat and from what I understand had a good time doing all of it.

This room here is the one formerly called the red room. I will move out the red furniture and start putting baby stuff in there as soon as I get some male help (Joseph and/or Stephen, that means you!).

Watch out folks, we've hit the time where favors are being turned in, I advise any and all to run for the hills.

To Melanie, Pam and Margaret, thank you very much. The three of you way over extended yourselves and we can't thank you enough.

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  1. To all of you out there reading this.
    I'll be at the Newhouse house either Saturday or Sunday stenciling away. (May 9th or 10th)
    If your handy at stenciling, then call me and we'll do it together.
    If your not handy at stenciling, I can show you many tricks on how to lose a cat, dump the vacuum canister on a dog, chase a dog with a bag of cereal and wipe your butt across a just painted wall but fix it so no one knows better. Yep, that would be my butt. Big & Bad.