Wednesday, May 27, 2009

30 weeks, and I'm counting.

Yesterday, Bob, the boys, and I finally made it to the 30s. Everything is looking great and the boys are growing like little weeds (at least by how they seem to be in my throat and my thigh at the same time). Thus, now we've earned the silver medal. I do like earning medals. We are starting week six of our time here at Baylor and things are moving right along. Tonight, Dr. Clark came in to discuss my shrinking cervix. According to him, we are starting to see signs that the end is getting closer and that he hopes we can make it to 32 weeks. Pretty exciting news. I'm definitely looking forward to getting out of here and taking my babies home with me. If I quit itching and the diabetes goes away, I think I might actually be in heaven.

The past week has been a pretty great one. My brothers came for the weekend, and my wonderful husband - the Brat King - grilled brats for the nurses and the family on Monday. I was actually allowed to have half a brat - it was the most delicious homemade item I've eaten in quite some time. My cousin Amy stopped by, and we were able to share our bounty with our neighbors who were here at Baylor with their son. Overall, it was a nice day full of family and friends, and it was wonderful to have Bob here all day on a weekday.

Wednesday, we had two visits - one from my aunt and my cousin's sons and the other from our high school youth group. It was so much fun to visit with everybody. I don't think that we've ever had as many people in our room as we did on Wednesday. Bob says that you can tell how much my spirits are lifted by company, and I definitely have been feeling great this week.

Health-wise, things are starting to settle down. I'm taking some pills to help with my itching that seem to work pretty well - I'm not itch free, but I am much less itchy. The endocrinologist has actually decreased my dosage of insulin after some lovely episodes of "bottoming out" (Bob said it was a shameless ploy to get to drink juice - I'd rather have a big shot of chocolate cake). This weekend, I had to do a 24 hour pee test which showed that I have traces of protein in my urine (this means that I could be showing traces of preeclampsia), so from now on, I'll have to keep my pee on ice once a week to keep tabs on it. The boys are getting much easier to monitor - they actually stay on the monitor for longer periods of time rather than trying to escape all the time (they do still kick like crazy at the monitors, but we can keep their heartbeats on for much longer). Tomorrow, we should be finding out how much the boys weigh and such, so that's exciting.

This weekend is also shaping up to be a good one. Bob's sister and her husband are planning on coming for a visit. We're pretty excited to see them since we haven't seen them since their wedding. Overall, life is looking pretty good right now.

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