Wednesday, May 13, 2009

28 Weeks & a Plethora of Pokes

Today marks a momentous occasion in the lives of our unborn children. By starting week 28, the boys chances of being healthy and normal have increased to 90% even if they are born today. On the triplet websites, they refer to 28 weeks as winning the bronze medal (we're hoping to make it all the way to 34 weeks so that the time the boys spend in the NICU is minimal). I am so elated that we've gotten this far. It's odd how small little goals make the time pass more quickly, so now it's on to the next - 30 weeks and the silver.

This gestational diabetes thing is pretty much a pain in the butt or more accurately a pain in the fingers and the back of the arms. Since doing the glucose test on the Sunday before Mother's Day, we've known that my sugar was unusually high - I was over 300 on a scale where the high end of normal is 110. For about a week, they tried just to limit my diet, then on Thursday, they started me on insulin. Currently, I am receiving between 270 and 300 units of insulin. The joyous way the doctors came to this conclusion was to spend all day & night on Monday giving me a glucose test via finger pokes every two hours followed by a dose of insulin. I have become a human pin cushion. My fingers hurt so bad the next day that I didn't even use my computer to play solitaire much less to answer emails or do anything that involved typing of any sort. Thankfully, today, my tips have recovered. There are still many pokes of various kinds, but now it occurs much less often.

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  1. Poor thing!! Congrats on your bronze....we will see yall soon!