Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family Ties & a Twirl in the Whirl

Today is May 24, and Bob and I arrived in hotel Baylor on April 24 and our 34 week due date is June 24 - I guess that means that we are at the halfway point. Every once in a while I toy with the idea of trying to make it to July 4th because I think it would be a really amazing day for a birthday, but as I get more and more wobbly and my pelvis is screaming in pain with every shift I make in this lovely bed, I reconsider.

Lately, our biggest concern has been when will the boys arrive. As we've spent more time here in the antepartum ward, we've come to realize that nothing is certain and that the babies can show up any time they'd like. This, of course, creates a quandary for both our parents - my parents have scheduled a vacation during the prime 32 week point of our pregnancy and Bob's parents are not sure when they should make the trek out from California. I, personally, would not be upset if we delivered tomorrow, but I know it would be best for the boys if we cooked them a little longer. Bob is also starting to feel as though this whole process is growing old. It seems as though we're just in a holding pattern (which I have definitely come to recognize as I watch the planes landing at DFW fly past my window). I'm ready to get this show on the road as well, but instead, we will both be content to sit here in our home away from home with our mini-fridge and snack/underpants bag.

This weekend, both my brothers were in town for a visit. It was great to see them. Zach and his wife Mandy came to visit with her mother who is currently having some medical issues, so Zach came by the hospital on his own. It was nice to see my brother who is currently one-third of a lawyer and genetically closest to me. Joseph was in town as well because he's got Monday off from his new job at OU as a student facilitator for incoming students. I've enjoyed having him hang around and entertain us with his various comedy routines - especially the one about how I sent him and Bob to the fabric store to get more yarn for the blankets I'm making. It was great to have the whole family in the room, and when they came to monitor the boys, I pulled up my shirt and watched both of my brothers squirm in discomfort at having to view my giant belly. After my tasty bacon cheeseburger (the weekend grill cook is pretty amazing), I was rolled down to the cafeteria to enjoy dinner with my mom, Faith, Joseph, and Bob which was sort of like watching ravenous wolves devouring their young - unfortunately I could only watch, but apparently the food from Bucca di Beppo is amazing. I don't think I've laughed that much at a meal I couldn't eat in quite a while.

This morning, Bob attended the Sunday School baby shower for the three couples who work with the youth group and are having boys in the next month or so. He gave our camera to Jordan, a very sweet young lady about Faith's age who documented the events for me. My favorite picture of the day was her self-portrait. It seems as though Bob was a little unsure of how to conduct himself at a shower - i.e. not noticing that the wrapping paper for all three couples was the same and so was the shape, so open those at the same time as the other two, but he did a fantastic job, and the kids were so generous. I wish I could have attended, but I have to say that I'm more impressed with Carrie's appearance as she is scheduled to deliver her baby boy on Tuesday.

After a particularly rough night last night, the lovely nurses at the hospital arranged a special treat for the prego. I'm itchy from some kind of biosalt imbalance for which I receive pills four times a day, my body aches like I've been held hostage in a Chinese prison for the last 10 years, and I've learned that sitting up is the best way to sleep and not get kicked all night long. Anyway, not to expound too greatly on my grievances, I was a little out of sorts this morning, and Shelly mentioned that there was a whirlpool bath that I could use to relax and maybe have a little relief from all my aches and pains. After lunch (at which point, I experienced the joys of a diabetic "bottoming out" and had to have restorative OJ), I showered in preparation for my whirl. I had to dispense with all modesty, but the nurses helped me into the tub and filled it with warm water and started the jets for me at which point I had to remind myself that I was not in heaven. The water helped to ease the pressure of three little men jumping around in my midsection. I stayed in the whirlpool for so long, that when I left, I was extremely pruney and very relaxed. While I twirled about in the bath, Bob stayed in the room and "watched" the Ranger game with his eyes sometimes opened. This new treat is now available to me every day, but I think I'm going to save it for the days when things are really sore as I'm not generally a person who likes to take a bath after a traumatic incident involving my first apartment, roaches, and the bathtub which still gives me shivers to think about. Just knowing this option is available makes the scratching, aching, and restlessness a little easier to bear.

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  1. Oh Angela! The nurses are so smart for giving you the royal hot tub! So glad it gave you some relief. I guess the old we need a pitcher not a belly itcher cheer has lost its charm in your room. Very soon, this will all be worth it TIMES THREE! And three years from now when you are trecking up those stairs for the upteenth time to get the wiley one in bed...well you know, you might miss some aspects of Hotel Baylor.

    Wish I could come stay with you!! Thinking of you guys lots.