Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wet & Wild

Bob and I got the boys a pool for the back yard. They didn't have a molded plastic pool I liked at Toys R Us, so we got this "snap set" pool. It is really cute and would have worked great if the water didn't need to be deeper than the boys can handle. We've since purchased a hard side pool from WalMart, but this one was fun for a while.
Aunt Faith and her boys get wet. Note Brandy in the background searching for a duck. She did find one and ate it's backside and beak. No more ducks for Brandy.
James loves his duck. The little head is just perfect mouth size.
James makes a stand.
Michael hates the big pool - he cries for the majority of time that we are at the big pool, but he loves the little pool. He didn't want to get out.
Adventurous Ryan would rather hang half in and half out of the pool, but whatever makes him happy.

Mommy's boys sport their swim diaper speedos. Gotta love back yard fashion.

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