Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Big Day

Although the big birthday festivities were on Saturday, Bob and I couldn't let the actual day pass without a celebration. We took the boys to the Japanese steak house for the hibachi performance. James was fascinated and didn't eat a thing until the chef walked away. Ryan watched and ate everything with gusto, and Michael was not a big fan of the onion volcano or the big flames that started the meal off. Overall, I think their first experience with fried rice and bad jokes went over pretty well. After dinner, we came home and opened family gifts then had cake. It was a pretty fantastic day despite the fact that I am still waiting for their birthday gifts from Mom and Dad to arrive (if you have any experience with my obsessive nature, you know that this is about to cause me a coronary and that there have been many emails written to various internet companies).
Our three men love their cake. Tasty stuff.
James shows off his love of all things chocolate. He kept eating all of the cake on his tray, so I kept giving him more. Let's just say the diapers were pretty dark for a while.
Michael loved the cake. He kept clapping after every bite and accidentally flinging his piece of cake on the floor (which I'm sure Duke truly appreciated).
Ryan, as always, was our messiest eater. I'm pretty sure the amount of chocolate cake in his hair was equivalent to what made it in his mouth. His tummy looked like a Mexican flag with all of the green, red, and white icing.
A post-cake bath was in order. The boys really enjoyed their cake and between their actual birthday and the one year professional pictures, they managed to weasel out three cakes from one birthday. Pretty smooth move, if you ask me.

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  1. congratulations on surving the first year. I just found your blog a few weeks ago from Multiples And More. I have GGGs that turned 1 on 6/29. It's fun to see how similar and yet how different all these kids are. Your boys look like they have so much personality!