Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's a Lady

Aunt Faith is no longer in elementary school. The other day, the boys and I went to her 5th grade graduation. She looked lovely, and we were all impressed with her accomplishments. Of course, it seems as though her school was happy to celebrate mediocrity rather than award the smart kids, but I guess there is plenty of time for flaunting intelligence in the upper grades. Here's the big moment:

While I was quite disappointed that she did not stick to her original career goals of astronaut farmer, Faith was one of about 30 kids who said they wanted to be a vet. It was later disclosed that said career was in lieu of a less desirable career of dog walker. Ironic, since I'm pretty sure the Professor only goes on walks very sporadically. Mom, Kathy, and I have decided that she has loftier goals to aspire to and that dog walker would be a good high school job. Of course, she could always go on Letterman to perform stupid human tricks. Here she performs for her captive audience:

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