Friday, June 11, 2010

The Out of Towners

As summer rolls around, we have gotten several visits from some of our out of town family that we haven't seen since Christmas. Memorial Day weekend was big for us. Uncle Joseph came down from Norman, Uncle Zach & Aunt Mandu came from Houston, and Grandma & Grandpa Newhouse came from California. The boys & their mommy love to see family. We had a great time with all of them, and we can't wait for them to come back. As usual, Uncle Zach & Aunt Mandu encouraged Mommy to drink past her 2 glass limit. No matter how much wine is consumed, the kids still wake up at the designated time in the morning.
James gets some pointers on drinking from Aunt Mandu.
Grandma & Ryan observing grilling techniques from Uncle Zach. Despite appearances, we did not establish a wagon train, we merely moved the chairs into the shade.
Uncle Joseph and his namesake Michael watch Uncle Zach man the grill.
Hitting the sauce with Uncle Zach.

Another out of towner came home from Waco last weekend. Uncle Stephen was in town for a baseball tournament, and on his off night, he came out to the house to see us. We really enjoyed having him over. It made Mommy & Daddy miss the high school days when Uncle Stephen didn't have a grown up lifestyle and spent lots of time hanging out with us. We watched a fight and the (older) boys discussed Daddy's new obsession - the baseball stats of 1941. If anyone feels like researching and reporting to Daddy, Uncle Stephen, and Grandpa why the 1941 season had such great hitting - was it the pitchers, the pre-war preparations, the wind currents? inquiring baseball fans want to know - they'd greatly appreciate it.
Our Baylor boys, Uncle Stephen & his namesake Michael, enjoy a little post-dinner picture time. I probably should still use bibs, but the way the kids try and choke each other and rip off the bibs, I've just given up. That's why they make oxyclean.
Uncle Stephen & Grandpa do push duty. We are all so glad that we've gotten to spend so much time with our family lately. Thanks for coming!

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