Friday, June 4, 2010

Outta My Way, Little Man!

This phrase could be heard hourly in the locker bank of Shackelford Junior High during my 8th grade year. I have no idea who the kid was who bellowed out this phrase, but it has stuck with me all of these years and has become quite relevant the last few weeks around my living room.
Grandma and Aunt Faith came by for a little show by the boys. They are getting closer and closer to walking every day. I must admit that I don't really encourage letting go of the safety net too often. No need to accelerate the process - they are already so fast by knee that I can't imagine how swift they will be afoot.
James is the push cart man. Don't get in his way or he will take you out. Ryan attempts to get in some time with the purple lever. Foolish boy, James will not allow that kind of time to pause for you to enjoy said toy, this is a PUSH cart.
Michael checks out the books on top of the baby jail while James trots past. He's like the US Mail, our James, nothing will stop him. (Except for the "red tape" of walls and random items too large to steamroll over.
"Seriously, Michael, get out of the way or I will crush you!"
A happy push cart driver poses for a picture while his stealthy brother cops a few seconds of toy time.
Michael would much rather play with the moveable parts on the front of this convertible push cart. He also likes to ride astride, but since he just sits there admiring the toys up front, I think we aren't quite ready to ride.
Ryan takes a turn pushing. Thanks to the lovely Chatty Patty, we have two push carts. Ryan doesn't mind taking a spin around the living room, but he is no where near as focused as his eldest sibling. Instead, Ryan would much rather figure out how to climb on top of the push cart to reach forbidden objects. (Remind me why I named this child after the brother who is notorious for spending time inside the toilet and on top of the fridge just because he could get there?)

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