Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Over the River & Through the Woods...

...to Grandmother's house we go! It's official, the boys have made their first road trip. Bob, Kathy, and I decided to get out of the house for a bit and find some new walls to look at and what better place to do it at, than Grandma & Popo Gejo's house? We are currently in the middle of Babyville South listening to Squeaky (i.e. James) tell us all about it while Mikey sleeps and Ryan entertains himself in the lamb chair.

Leaving the house for just a couple of hours is quite a production, so when we made the decision to head for Louisiana, I was a bit apprehensive. In fact, Bob has been talking about going to visit his sister in Tyler for quite a while, and I've been hesitant to embark on even a two and a half hour trip. In hindsight, the road trip with infants is not as bad as anticipated. The packing is another story all together.

On Saturday, we took a tour of Babyland and tried to decide what the essentials were. We decided on three pack & plays, two chairs, two activity mats, 150 diapers, 2 boxes of wipes, all their clothes and sleepers, all the bottles (about 20), all the prepared formula, and the triplet stroller. On Monday morning, Bob packed up as much as he could while still leaving Kathy enough stuff to make it for a couple of hours while we took James to the doctor. When we got home, Bob shoved the rest of the essentials in the back, we loaded up and headed out.

Backing out of the driveway was quite a feat as there was absolutely no way Bob could see out the back window. Surprisingly, we left at noon, right on schedule. We stopped to feed the boys at the Mecca of beef jerky - Woody's. Bob gets irritated by my need to stop at the same places along our route, but the boys had to make their first stop at Woody's. We fed the crew in the car, and it took about an hour. We didn't stop again until we made it to Sulphur.

We set up Babyland and fed the boys. I don't think there's much room to walk in the house now, but we sure are having a good time. So far, Uncle Frank, Aunt Vera, and Jamie have stopped by to see the crew.

Tomorrow, we are taking the kids to DI's for some cajun grub and music. I'm hoping my boys will take me out for a dance or two.

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  1. Very impressive that you were able to pack up all three boys and all their stuff and make it to Louisiana. Very proud of you!