Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Saw the Light

When you are a young girl imagining your future, unless you're nuts, you never imagine yourself with triplets. I have to say, that this journey has been amazing, and I would have never even dreamed of how special a baptism could be. Our church family has been absolutely fantastic to us, and Bob and I could not be more grateful. We feel as though everyone has had a special part and connection to our family, so when we realized that the date we picked for the baptism was scheduled to be a single service for the entire church, it just felt right. Even before we got pregnant, Bob and I have enjoyed baptisms (although some of us complain about the lengthy service), we really love to see the kids and to watch Pastor John trot them out for all to see. So, today was our turn, and I have so say that it was a truly memorable day.
We started with James (everything seems to start with James - as it should be for the first born). He did fantastic. My mom held him, and I was so amazed that my feisty little man who HATES bathing almost as much as he hates poopy pants endured the wet head without a peep. He looked great in his Grandpa Jim's gown.
Mikey came next, and I was worried about him since he was a little fussy as Bob held him and we watched James get a dip. Despite his apprehension, he did just as well. No scream at all. Joseph and Stephen did great as the proud godfathers. I was really happy that all of the kids got a special gown, and Mikey wore mine (which was originally my mom's).
Ryan was last, and he'd seen the wet head his brothers had and he wasn't too sure about it. Bob and I love to watch Ryan when he gets startled - he jumps and waves his hands around (poor kid gets that from me - every single time the Rangers score a home run and he fireworks go off, I jump despite the fact that I know it's coming). Unfortunately, I did not extrapolate this to it's ultimate end - unexpected water on the head equals big jump. I almost lost the poor kid in the baptismal font. It was definitely a scary moment for mom. Despite the narrow miss, he did great as well. I know that my grandma would have loved seeing him sporting her gown. I was so worried that it would not fit, but he looked perfect in it.
Overall, it was pretty much a perfect day. Bob and I are so thankful to all of those who came to share the day with us. It really meant the world.
Here is the big moment times three including the antics of our future gymnast.

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