Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lock Up Your Daughters!

Above is the photo that I promised my husband in January. When we went to see AC/DC, I told him that if he bought me a shirt and horns, we could dress the boys up in their AC/DC onesies and take a family photo. I originally said we'd make it our Christmas card, but a girl has a right to change her mind (and shamelessly toy with her husband to get an extra souvenir). Anyway, for those about to rock, we salute you!

A couple of days ago, Kathy and I dressed the boys up in jammies that my grandma got for the boys. I knew they had hats with them, but I had no idea that they were so cute. We couldn't resist a patented Newhouse photo shoot in the big chair. The boys hated having their eyes covered, but they endured the floppy hats for their mother's sake.

Ryan and Grandma

James and his favorite pacifier.

Mikey posing for the camera.

Yesterday, Jim came back from LA to spend some time with the boys and rescue his wife from the harsh taskmasters who have turned her in to Cinderella, the grandma years. We brought the whole gang to the airport, and I think we attracted a lot more attention than George Clinton and the original Hulk who were hanging out at the baggage claim.

Grandpa and Ryan.

Tomorrow is a big day for the kids. They are being christened and their parents have invested a small fortune in BBQ from Lee's to celebrate. It's cowboy day at church, so in addition to their special gowns, we've got jeans and jean bibs to sport after the big event. In order to get everybody out of the house on time, we bathed the boys today. Bob decided that Mikey's towel made him look like Obewan (I'm sure some Star Wars dork - probably my husband - will criticize me for my misspelling, but unfortunately the Force does not work on spelling).

Well, I'd better get the last minute things taken care of and head to bed. James has a message for the dads of the world...

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