Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Last Days of Freedom

Sunday was a dream day for Bob. Not only was it the opening of game for the Cowboys at the new stadium, we also went to the Ranger game, and tailgated with good friends and family. We had a wonderful time, and I only had to call and check on the boys a couple of times. Grandma Kathy, Melanie, and Aunt Faith stayed with our little guys so we could reap the benefits of all of the cash we've sent to Jerry Jones in the last couple of years.

In the morning, Bob and Jim loaded up the stuff for our tailgate. They did an excellent job - the only thing we forgot were plates. (Ooops). We met Stephen at Hill Gilstrap, and the four of us found ourselves a good spot to tailgate in Lot A. We picked up the seats Dennis provided at will call (which were fantastic - 8 rows up behind the plate). The Ranger game had a great start. Around the 6th inning, I decided to go shopping (it was really sunny outside, and I figured it was one of my only opportunities to enjoy air conditioning). I found some great shirts for the boys and heard the demise of the Rangers season on the radio while I debated over a grey or red shirt for myself (I couldn't decide or bring myself to pay $30 for a t-shirt, so it was a fruitless endeavor). Despite the horrible outcome, the game was fun. Jim, Stephen, and Bob are happiest watching baseball, and it was nice to be in their entourage.

The post-game tailgate setup was pretty smooth. Putting up the tarp with more than two people (especially ones with strong fingers) was so much easier. The fajitas turned out pretty well, and Sue & John Paul came by as well as Rob & Marc. It was a lot of fun. Probably the best part of the day was the tailgate. It's so much fun just to hang out and visit with people that you don't get to see very often.

About 5:45, we started across the parking lot and stopped to take a few pictures of the great shining orb. We kept walking and walking and walking. Apparently, they blocked off the route to the stadium that we thought would be the fastest route to our seats. So after walking to Oklahoma and back, we got stuck in a Party Pass crush. After wasting a few minutes getting bumped into by people of dubious body odor, we found the entrance and our section.

There are good parts to our new seats and some not so good parts. I have some choice language which should not be broadcast on a public forum about the party pass. It sucks for the people standing, and it seems like you're running the gauntlet to get back to your seats from the bathroom. Hopefully in the future, there will not be so many partiers. Jerry certainly did not mention the mad crush when he sold us that overpriced seat license. The bathrooms were much nicer than the old stadium - all the toilets I used were firmly bolted to the floor, so that was something new. Unfortunately, I think our new seats are much higher than before (the players look much smaller), and I found myself missing the people we used to sit around - the guy with the gnome, the fat dancing man, the old couple, and even the scary lesbian lady. No matter how new and shiny the change is, I just don't dig change, and there seems to be a whole lot of it in our world lately.

The unveiling of the star and the Ring of Honor was neat. The boys were upset that they did not have the superbowl banners out, but Bob thinks they must be saving it for next week. I did enjoy seeing the Bushes do the coin toss. The game could have had a better outcome, but it was exciting. I think it was a good day, but I was happy to get home to the boys (even if they were asleep and didn't notice my presence or lack thereof).

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