Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jumbalya, Crawfish Pie

Grandma & Popo Gejo, Kathy, Bob, the boys and I all loaded up last night and took the hour drive to the middle of nowhere to enjoy some great cajun music and food. The car trip was fun for all except Kathy who was squeezed in the back between two boys and a little isolated from the conversation (although we did try to talk really loud to include her). As we drove, the only elevation on the horizon was the trash dump. It felt good to drive through all of the rice and sugar cane fields, and it made me remember the drive to Gramps and Grams house from when I was a kid.

We rolled into the limestone parking lot, and unloaded the triplets. Grandma had to make sure that the boys were all on show before we entered, then we took the circus in. Aunt Dana's article is still in the foyer, and the decor is still tacky. We sat at a long table in front of the band and put the boys on the table (which I'm sure was driving my husband crazy - all of the literature included with the car seats expressly forbid placing the carriers on any kind of high, flat surface).

We ordered bite gator and angels on horseback to start the feast. After we all ate, we pulled the boys out of their car seats and fed them, while we enjoyed the music. There was dancing, and a really large man who was a very light on his feet dancer gave the boys a ten dollar bill. (Very sweet, but it kind of shocked Bob).

While we were there, a large group of Menonite people came in, and at that point, I felt as though we were no longer the most interesting people in the joint. We all had a great time and took lots of videos and pictures. Here are some videos of all of us enjoying ourselves.

The boys getting a taste of south Louisiana. I guess they aren't too sensitive to loud music.

Popo Gejo and I take the boys for a spin on the dance floor.

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