Monday, August 3, 2009

Stars of Print and Film

The mail today was pretty exciting. Bob and I received the digital pictures and proof album from our boys' photo shoot. We were so pleased with how they turned out. Thus began a quest to pick the perfect picture for the birth announcements. After months of searching and trying to find a triplet themed birth announcement, I was unable to find a reasonably priced announcement and ended up going with my old standby - shutterfly.

The last week has been good, but the days seem to blend into each other. The boys are doing well with their four hour schedule. They seem to have settled into it, except for young master Michael who seems to like to eat small snacks rather than meals lately. He was eating almost four ounces at a sitting but he's been eating maybe two ounces then going back to sleep and waking up hungry a little later. Maybe he's growing or something, but I'm not sure what his thought process is - hopefully we are responding appropriately. He is currently supposed to be eating, but instead he is sleeping on my lap while I type this.

James has figured out how to make us jump. Although he is our smallest little guy, he is definitely our noisiest. Lately, he has decided to just scream randomly so that we come over and pick him up. I have to restrain myself and just give him a pacifier. Since we've quit jumping up every second to stop his screaming, he's cut back on crying wolf. Tomorrow, we are going to the pediatric surgeon for him to examine James' herniated belly button. Hopefully, they will fix his poor little tummy quickly as it is growing bigger every day and is really freaking his parents out. Of all our kids, James seems to be the only one who really LOVES his pacifier. He is currently sitting in the bouncy chair sucking his heart out and watching Grandma Newhouse talk to her buddy on the phone.

Ryan is doing great. He seem so much bigger than his brothers to me. I don't know if it's because he seems to be more alert and playful, or if he really is a step or two ahead. He has been awake for large portions of time and is happy to lay in the activity mat or sit in the bouncy seat. He is eating well and is currently sleeping with Dad in the big brown chair. He's probably worn out because earlier, we put him on his tummy on the activity mat. Bob propped him up with the whale, and Ryan rolled from his tummy to his back. We made him do it again, but he called it quits after that and laid on the whale and cried until we let him stop performing. Thankfully, I got a couple seconds on the video camera with rolling action.


  1. Love,love, love the pics! One of our trips ies helping meq2 blog right now...I wanted to comment on herniated belly buttons. It was so scary watching our 3 babies'grow beyond gross and huge! We took ours to surgeon and they told us what our peds did that the opening was actually pretty small and should go down on their own. It took 4 months of worrying before we started seeing them shrink and today at 10mo they are a distant memory. But this is VERY common for preemies and very easy to correct if needed. Try to relax about it and enjoy every second of life with these beautiful boys!

  2. Priceless pictures! I'm kicking myself... my sister does custom announcements (best ones I've ever seen). Please let me know if you haven't already ordered some. Rats!!!

  3. Kristi,
    I wish I would have known about your sister. I just ordered the announcements today. They are cute but not gorgeous. Oh well, such is life. Next time, though. (Did you feel the disturbance in the force as my husband just had a minor heart attack at the thought of more kids). Thanks anyway.

  4. Angela,
    Thanks for the reassurance. That belly button on James just looks like a big purple grape that's about to pop. Our pedi told us it was the biggest herniated belly button she's ever seen, but hopefully, it'll be like your babies and fix itself. Although, if we have to have surgery, it'd be nice to do it in a year where we've met our insurance deductible - haha.

  5. I absolutely love the pictures! Priceless!