Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hernia, Heal Thyself

Yesterday, James and I took a tour of Cook's Children's Hospital on our way to the pediatric surgeon. I even took the stairs carrying James' car seat. We got smoked out in the waiting room as being a multiple since I have his name on his car seat (oops, but those straps are definitely child specific, and who can pass up a chance to use a label maker). I guess it's unusual to see such a small baby at the surgeon's because everyone seemed to be excited to see a tiny baby - doctors, nurses, office staff. The doctor came in and asked why we were there. I told him that James has a herniated belly button and Dr. G said that it was the biggest one she's seen. He said, "I'm sure I've seen bigger." Don't throw a challenge like that out at Mr. James - I opened his onesie, and the doc said, "wow, that is a big one." (Words his father loves to hear). Regardless, the hole which James' intestines are popping through is not too big, and the doc thinks it will heal itself. If it does not get any better in six months, we have to go back. Until then, we just have to get used to the giant purple grape that is James' belly button. (The current size is about three times bigger than the belly button seen above but this photo was much more artistic than I could pull off) - below is what it looks like today).

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