Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Men About Town

Our boys are two months old!!! It's hard to believe that the time has flown by so fast. Yesterday, we all went to the doctor's office and then shopping at Sam's Club. According to Dr. G, everybody is doing fantastic. Ryan has a little acid reflux, and we've changed his formula which thankfully Debi had given us a bunch of before the boys were born. It's very chunky to mix and I had to pull out the blender, but it did help Ryan to sleep through the night for the first time! Despite his reflux, Ryan is almost 13 lbs. James and his belly button weigh 9.5 lbs, and Michael is almost 12 lbs. They are still short for their age, but weight wise, the boys are right in there with the rest of the pack.

In the last week or so, things have gotten very active around here. The boys had their first playdate with Jack Moore. The parents were having such a good time that I totally forgot to document this with photos, but hopefully we can play again and document properly. Eric brought Quinn and Chloe for a visit as well. Despite how I tried to convince them, they weren't interested in a new baby brother, but they did want to hold our guys.

On Sunday, the boys finally made an appearance at church. Both grandmas and Aunt Faith came with us, so we filled an entire pew with our clan (I was worried we wouldn't fit). The boys did very well. Ryan ate during the sermon, and I was worried that he would burp while Tim was talking. I shouldn't have been concerned since he saved his burp for the altar (and James broke wind while we broke bread). They were all so peaceful and didn't cry at all. I guess they were all listening when I told them how to behave in church.

Bob and I had been anticipating bringing our boys up to the altar for months. Bob was very concerned about how to have two babies and take communion, but the presence of the grandmas meant that we avoided that hurdle. After church, we took pictures to commemorate the event then headed out for some hot wings for lunch.

Lunch was very tasty, and due to the road construction, Hooters was empty. It meant that the boob-a-licious waitresses had plenty of time to admire our crew. Perhaps the most amazing part of lunch was actually getting my mom into the restaurant. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the wings if not the scenery. Speaking of the scenery, Michael has started to stick his hand in people's cleavage. It makes me wonder what Bob is teaching those boys at the 5 a.m. feeding when no one is listening.

After lunch, we dropped off Mom & Faith and headed over to the Gabriels. Mrs. Gabriel really enjoyed holding the boys, and they were very good for such a long time. They really needed to stretch after so long in their chairs, so it was nice to visit and nice for the boys to get a chance to change positions.

While we were at the Gabriels, Mr. Gabriel introduced Mikey to beer. I'm starting to wonder about my middle child - beer and boobs in one day and burping at the altar. Hmm, I might need to take him in hand. Once we finally made it home, the boys had such fun hanging out in their activity mats. The enjoyed the stretching, and since we only have two activity mats, we put two of them in the aquarium. Mikey tends to get stuck in isolation a great deal as he moves around a lot and likes to kick, punch, chew on his brothers. I definitely need to invest in a third mat for the safety of my children. This morning, James grabbed Michael's pinky in a death grip and was thrashing around. I guess the brotherly love has already kicked in.

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  1. so glad the formula came in handy. Love the baseball pics....super cute!