Friday, August 14, 2009

Miners, Acrobats, and Death

Who knew that you could have near-death experiences at the age of seven weeks? Michael and James have now both given us death scares. A couple of weeks ago, James spit up and got vomit in his nose. He stopped breathing and turned purple. Kathy had the presence of mind to flip him over like they showed us in that class and we sucked the milk out of his nose with the blue bulb thing. I think that I almost died about the same time that James did. I remember screaming for Bob and praying, but thank goodness Kathy had her head on straight. Afterwards, we both cried (some more violently than others), but we all survived and I had hoped that we would NEVER have to do that again. Ah, once again hopes dashed. Michael had a rough day today. At the 6 a.m. feeding, he did some kind of summersault off of Bob's leg while being burped. Luckily Bob caught him by the onesie inches from the floor and while hanging upside down, actually burped. Bob's heart stopped for a few beats, but Mikey was just fine. Then this evening during the 9 p.m. feeding, he vomited while still sucking on his bottle and we had to pull out the nose bulb and take care of business. It was still scary, but luckily I felt much more prepared for this near death experience. As of yet, Ryan (who is trying to be the perfect child) has not done any kind of tricks like his brothers have. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Other than the puke/falling excitement, the big change around our house is the fact that we are actually leaving the house occasionally. On Tuesday, we met Uncle Stephen and his significant other at Billy Miners in downtown Fort Worth.

It was a lot of fun, and we actually fed all three guys at the restaurant while drinking happy hour specials.

Bob's biggest concern about going out in public is having to deal with curious on-lookers who aren't necessarily polite. So far, it hasn't really been bad. We definitely attract attention, but it's not so horrible. Most people just kind of covertly stare, so I like to pretend that they are checking me out because I'm so hot.

Not only have we eaten out, but the boys have actually shopped! Today, Kathy and I ventured out on our own with the boys. We stopped at Ulta (where I purchased nail clippers for Bob and some high quality nail polish for me - manicures might be out of the budget, but I figure nice looking toes are a must either way), and the boys and Kathy sat in the car while I ran in and shopped. Then all of us got out at Hobby Lobby and bought the stuff we needed to frame our family photo that I got blown up for the wall. We pushed the boys in their stroller, so we got a few stares and comments, but nothing stupid like they post on the triplet site (I'm sure it's coming soon, but no one has asked us anything dumb like "are all those kids yours?"). From Hobby Lobby, we headed to Dr. Snead's office to see all our old pals. It was lots of fun to visit, that's for sure. After the doctor's we went to the bank and the grocery store (the boys hung out in the car for the grocery stop), and by the time we made it home, they were HUNGRY. It all went very smoothly, but I can see where the two people to three babies ratio is a very good one.

Ryan the Ranger

Sweet Baby James

Michael the Contortionist

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  1. Bob and Angela,
    How scary to see your baby stop breathing and turning purple - I can't even imagine. So awesome that Kathy took action and was able to clear James's nose to help him breathe again. Your story made me go back and look over my CPR and choking pamphlets again just in case!

    Lori Anderson