Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Today was Bob's 39th birthday, and in order to commemorate the last birthday in his thirties, we decided to do things up right. Jerry Jones knew it was Bob's special day, so he held an open house for us to go and check out the new stadium, our highly overpriced seats, and the brick we bought. Since we have four seats, we got four tickets for the preview so Joseph and Kathy came along on our journey to find out where all that money we've been spending has been going. The boys are still virtual shut-ins which means that they have left the house twice since they came home - both times to go to the doctor (except for James who has been to the doctor three times). Therefore we procured a babysitter for them - Grandma Wendy - thus giving them a reason to leave the house.

We got started early this morning and left the house around 10:30. My parents were eagerly awaiting our arrival complete with the new addition to the family "The Professor" - a gracious gift from Mandy's family to ours. The packing that was required for this short trip over to Arlington was incredible, but the only thing I forgot was a bag to put their wet clothes in - pretty good if you ask me.

After kissing the boys goodbye, we headed over to Jerry's palace. The new stadium is VERY impressive - in a wide variety of ways. The big screen is amazing, the seats are pretty roomy (in comparison to the ones at the old stadium - when we sat in our seats, our shoulders did not touch, amazing), the prices are ridiculous (an $8 bag of chips? seriously?), and to walk around the stadium is like running a marathon that thing is so big. We were all impressed and very excited to get our souvenir cups for $3 rather than the normal $6 (up 50 cents from the old stadium). The pro shop is bigger than Macys and the field is much greener than in the old place (I guess it hasn't been exposed to the sun yet). We enjoyed our tour, dropped some cash for souvenirs, then headed out to partake of the yummy goodness that is Al's Hamburgers.

Al's is right across the street from my old apartment, and anytime we are in that neck of the woods, I remember why I loved living in North Arlington. Also, why did they wait until I moved to put in all those food joints and shops? Al's was packed, so we sat at the counter. I think we didn't say much to each other as we were fascinated by the hive of activity the grill area is during the lunch rush. Bob LOVES Al's, and since they are closed on Sundays (the day we usually are in Arlington), it'd been a while since we ate there. It was greasy goodness. From the hamburger joint, we headed over to the Six Flags Mall (which is a mere shadow of its former self) to watch Funny People. Just a small plug for the theater - 4 adults attending a first run movie for $13, that's what I call a deal.

Funny People was somewhat funny (lots of raunchy one-liners about penises and fart jokes), but it seemed to stall when it got bogged down in a creepy love story and turned the main character into a bigger jerk than he was before his life altering experience. Overall, we liked the film, but it was nowhere near as brilliant as the 40 Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up. By the time the movie ended it was 5:30, and I hadn't pumped since 8:30. All I have to say about that is things were pretty full.

We headed back to Mom's house to collect the children and to meet up with the Kleins. Since the stadium walkabout lasted longer than planned, it was too late for the kids to come over so we called an audible (Bob would be proud of my sports lingo) and headed north to Roanoke to chow down on some Babe's fried chicken.

Bob was a little worried about taking the boys in public and the attention it might arouse. It worked out fine. We got a few friendly questions and some discreet stares (and some overt ones), but no one touched the kids and I refrained from killing the old bastard who saw me sitting with three baby carriers, came over and sat across from my precious children's lungs, and lit up his f-ing cigarette smoked it, and then changed seats (great restraint on my part, I'd say). The boys enjoyed the outing (or rather their parents and grandma enjoyed the outing) and celebrated Dad's birthday by sleeping through most of dinner. Overall, it was a great day, and I swear my husband is just as mature as he was the day I met him.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Arthur and I are jealous you have Cowboy season tickets!

  2. You shouldn't be. It looks like we may have to hauk a kid in order to keep them.