Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Alone

For the first time in their lives outside the womb, the boys and I are all by ourselves. (We used to spend lots of time alone back at Hotel Baylor, but not so much at casa de Newhouse). Bob and Kathy went to Mansfield to drop off a gift for a friend, so I stayed home with the kids. As they walked out of the door, I told Bob that both of our moms had stayed alone with the boys, but I never have. Seems kinda weird that my kids are six weeks old almost and we've never been on our own. They are currently sleeping (some noisier than others) while I watch SVU. Ryan and James are in the bouncy seats asleep, and Michael is sleeping in the swing - all in front of my spot on the couch. I guess I should put them in the bed, but I kinda like having them all so close. I wish I could just sit on the couch and hold them all, but my lap isn't that big and I'd need the arms of a hindu goddess to make sure no one slid off. It's really nice to just sit here and watch them sleep.

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