Sunday, August 1, 2010

Say My Name, Say My Name

In the last month or so, the boys have gotten so much more verbal. They definitely say MomMom and Daddy. Today, we did a video chat with Bob (who is currently in Colorado schmoozing a Buffet artist or two). Ryan was so excited to see him and just started saying Daddy over and over again. While they are playing in their room in their beds, you can often hear the call of MomMom which I'm pretty sure means "hey lady, we're ready to bust out of here, come get us!" I've been trying to get them to say each others' names, but as of yet, I have not been successful. They know their own names, and I'm pretty sure that Ryan says "that" as he points to things he wants. Michael is always talking to his books and toys, and James loves to walk around just saying whatever he feels like yammering on about. Today, he was "reading" his book and carrying around his glowworm singing to it. I'm pretty sure we are just a few months away from constant semi-intelligible chatter. I can't wait.
Welcome to Team Triplet. These boys already know how to work together, I have no idea what I'll have to contend with when they start hiding behind the couch and making plans.
James shows us his tonsils. Sadly, I'm pretty sure this is a trait he inherited from a certain someone who might currently be typing this post. Regardless, it is a pretty cute little face, open mouth and all. In the last few months, James has morphed from my mini-Bob into a tiny Cain. This weekend, my mom found a picture of my dad when he was around 5, and there is a lot of my James in his face (ironic that a boy named after his two other Grandpas looks like his third one).
Michael has Bob's eyebrows but my dad's eyes. He is so funny and a little sneaky. He likes to steal toys from his brothers, and if he doesn't get his way, he lunges at his brothers like a tiny little vampire with his teeth bared. I call him Dr. Teeth.
Ryan is my little wild man. He's always doing something to amuse himself and make me nervous. This week, we went to WalMart, and he was standing in the back of the cart. I bent down to put some bananas on the bottom of the cart (or as it's referred to in my shopping world - the safe zone). While I was arranging the bananas, Ryan reached for the onions we were parked next to, and he flipped over the edge of the basket and fell on the floor. I can't even begin to describe the panic that I felt. It will be a long while before he relinquishes the shotgun seat in the cart.
All of my boys love to read. They are constantly bringing you books to read and once you finish the book, they want you to read it again. It makes me so happy that my boys love books. I know that before too long, I'll be listening to them read to me, but until then, I'm going to enjoy every reading and re-reading of Blue Hat Green Hat (Michael's favorite), Just Like Daddy (Ryan's favorite), and The Nose Book (James' favorite).

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  1. Great chronicling! Sounds like you've got your hands full of little boy love and excitement.