Monday, August 2, 2010

Fine Dining

Since Bob travels so much, I find myself taking lots of pictures of the boys doing normal everyday things and emailing them to him. I'm pretty sure that my kids think that every move they make should be digitally documented. I find that we have a ton of pictures of them in their high chairs (I'm pretty sure this is because they are immobile, and I am able to actually catch their faces rather than the top of their heads running off to follow the next wild hair they've gotten). This being said, here are some pictures of the boys "using" spoons and bowls. This attempt to civilize my children's eating habits was curbed by the amount of dish washing that had to be done afterward (we are back to trays only eating for the time being).

Like his toothbrush, James prefers the "non-traditional" side of his spoon.
Michael without a trace of food on his face or hands - how he manages to eat so neatly while his brothers are coated head to toe in whatever the day's fare is, I have no idea.
Ryan LOVES Mac & Cheese - from carting it around in the box to shoving it in his face. Between the three of them, the other day, they ate an entire box of M&C. I'm pretty sure Ryan ate about 90% of it. Of course of that 90% about half of it was stuck to his butt and collected in his clothing.
Evidence that my children are being raised by a school teacher on hiatus, Ryan raises his hand and waits to be recognized. (Of course this is also how he dances, I've taken to chanting "raise the roof" as he does so.)

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