Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys and Their Toys

Thanks to some of the lovely gift cards the boys received for their birthday, we've gotten a couple of new toy boxes. I made the mistake of emptying it one day and putting the kids in. Now they like to get in by themselves along with their toys. Surprisingly, all three plus the majority of their toys actually fit in these tubs. Way to go Target toy box!
James wanted the box to himself, but when you're a triplet, sharing is your only option.
One of James favorite things to do lately is drag things. Among the things he likes to drag is the shark sprinkler. Here he stops to lament the fact that Ezra James Sharkington III (yes, this is the name the creators of Lost dubbed the shark from that show - Bob and I are giant dorks in case there were any lingering doubts) will not drag properly (much like many men in Oaklawn).
Michael on the go. He sports one of the daytime pacifiers. Usually he has all three, one in each hand and one in his mouth. No one else seems to object to his shameless bogarting of said pacifiers.
How could a mother say no to this face? Such a sad look. Ryan has started making this face when he falls or gets hurt by one of his brothers and will cry until he gets a hug. I think it's just his manly way of getting some Mommy-lovin'.
Michael attempts to steal James' shark. Notice that James' head is beginning to turn red with is disapproval of Michael's antics. Currently, their favorite toy to fight over is one of their bathtub toys. They will all sneak into my bathroom to retrieve the precious and then taunt the other two with it's possession. This has prompted me to place said red ring in a place where Frodo will never find it.


  1. Nerdy references always make me so happy! I'm searching for lord of the rings outfits for christmas.

  2. Ezra James Sharkington! HAHAHA HE HE HE HO HO HO! The boys are so lucky to have you as a mom!