Thursday, August 26, 2010

40 & Fab

Bob spent his 30th birthday by himself sans celebration. He claims to be fine with that, but just thinking about it breaks my heart. Since we've been together, Bob has been a victim of my birthdays are a big deal attitude. Last year, I dropped the ball. With three two month olds, it was a little difficult to get my party mojo together. This year, was a big one. Any birthday that ends in 0 gets to be a bigger deal than your average birthday, so to celebrate 40, we had steaks and cakes.
Since the boys love going outside, the whole family hung out in the backyard while Dad grilled his own steaks. The boys played in the pool, chased the sprinkler around, and put the swing set to good use.
James was all over the back yard. I had very little opportunity to get a good picture of him since he spent the whole time running around the back yard and attempting to touch the hot grill when my back was turned. Here, Grandpa Newhouse wrangled him for a couple of seconds, and James was not happy about being restrained from his wild romp around the back yard.
Michael enjoyed the pool but avoided the sprinkler like the plague. He loves the water, but he doesn't really appreciate when the water comes to him rather than the other way around.
Ryan really enjoys the sprinkler. We've got this beach ball sprinkler and a shark sprinkler. The shark is to wild for the kids this summer (and besides they'd rather drag him around the living room and chew on the sprinkler heads). Ryan likes to run up and avoid the spray then slap the ball. Here he miscalculated the trajectory of the water and gets a surprise. He still took a minute to slap the ball before heading off to another part of the yard.
Pool time with Uncle Joseph. There's nothing like a refreshing dip and a surreptious sip of pool water to give a young man his second wind.
Wet pants make the slide a little faster than normal. Between flipping the steaks and defending the hot grill from little hands, Daddy takes a minute to help James slide.
Bob's favorite thing to eat is chocolate cookies, and he has a love for all things Seasame Street, thus when I saw this beauty sitting in the Albertson's bakery, I had to have it. The 40 candles were just for entertainment purposes. I think he had to blow about 7 times before he got all of them out.
Michael makes a temporary escape from his chair, but when he realizes that cake was on the menu, he was happy to return to his seat.
James shows his brothers how to properly consume cake. Blue hands and mouth are just a byproduct of tasty.
Somehow, I'm pretty sure that Grandma and Papa Joe made sure that James got more than his fair share of cake.
Ryan, aka Eagle Eye, can spot food, Diet Coke, and anything else that you have from a mile away. He has no qualms about pointing to said item and saying that he'd like "that." Here, he requests more cake.
Ahh, a meal well done. Steaks and cakes. Uncle Joseph and Michael assume the post-dinner, I'm replete posture - hands linked over your tummy. I think Bob enjoyed his day, and I know the rest of us were happy to have an excuse to eat steak and get together for a visit. I hope that we have at least forty more of these celebrations.

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