Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sock It to Me

This week, Amy came for a visit. She is the inventor of "sock hands." James adores sock hands. He brings the socks to you so that you can place them on his hands. He's been wearing them for the last three days. I've finally thrown them in the laundry basket, but who knows how long before he attempts to dig another pair of socks out of the drawer. Amy also put a ball in each of the boys' shirts. Ryan kept holding his like he was pregnant, James walked around so proud of his ball bump, and Michael rolled around on the floor with his. It was pretty amusing to watch.
James "socks" it to the lion.
Michael mugs for the camera. I've realized that 90% of his pictures are this face. He sees the green focus light and throws on the grin.
Ryan finds a pair of red socks and decides to show those socks who's boss.
Ryan ponders what's more fun, the remote or the lion. Sir Sock Hands is all lion all the time.
Sock removal requires a little sit down.
I must agree with the t-shirt, our Mikey is a keeper.
Ryan follows the advice of his Momo and puts a bounce sheet to good use. If you've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know about the curative powers of windex, & if you've met my grandparents, you know about the amazing wonders of bounce.
Who needs to get a tiger by the tail when you can get a lion's tail. I feel the downfall of our lion might be his tail as his owners love to bite it.

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