Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spoon Man

I'm not sure why people buy kids expensive toys. Lately, the boys have been obsessed with wooden spoons and boxes. The other day, I'm pretty sure they played with the wooden spoons for six hours.
Strawberry face Michael drops his spoons and attempts to grab Mom's camera. The little monkey is wise to the green focus light and always gives me his best smile when he sees it.
Socks for Michael, spoons for Ryan, and thousands of dollars of toys being neglected.
Ryan puts his spoons in the laundry hamper while James takes time for a strawberry snack break.
I'm pretty sure Ryan will be the drummer in our tween band. I'm still thinking the Newhouse Triplets can replace the Jonas Brothers, we just have to groom them for stardom.
Spoons do go in your mouth, maybe just smaller spoons.
Michael trades in his spoons for a book. That boy loves his books. His hair is getting a little longer in the back, and you can see his two little curls in the back. I think they are pretty cute.
James wonders how Ryan got to play his spoons on the couch. The boys are getting to be much better climbers, but the couch is still just a little too tall for them to boost themselves up on. I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time before they are able to breach the sanctity of the couch and find the remote between the cushions where I hide it. I'm already plotting a new safe location for said remote.

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