Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicken & Biscuits

Every once in a while, the boys, Faith, my parents, and I make it out to lunch with Mamaw. She really enjoys seeing the boys, and the boys don't mind hanging out with loving admirers. This time, James had a huge poop blow out, and I realized that I didn't have any extra clothes in the diaper bag. I have since repacked the diaper bag and have the proper replacement items, but it was slightly stinky and traumatic. The boys love the chicken and biscuits at Babe's (as do the rest of us). Lately, the boys have gotten shy with people they don't see often, but by the end of the meal, they had warmed up to Mamaw.
Ryan discovered Mamaw's pearls, and we had a hard time removing him from her lap.
James is by far our friendliest child, and he really enjoyed getting a ride with Mamaw. He definitely knows how to ride in style.
Grandma Kathy came with us to Babe's, and the boys had 3/4 of their grandmas in one place. Let's just say the spoiling was on.
In addition to lunch dates, the boys have discovered outside. This has become a slight problem as any time the boys see the back door open, they rush over and attempt to make a break for it. It has been so hot here, that most of our outdoor excursions happen after Daddy gets off work when it's cooled down. The boys love to swing, and Aunt Faith is happy to oblige.
With three "baby" swings on the swing set, it requires at least two pushers, but three makes it much easier. When you pull the kids out of the swings and head back indoors, it's inevitable that at least one of them throws himself on the floor and attempts to writhe his way back to the promised land.

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