Friday, July 30, 2010

Chair-ish the Time

Ever since I saw that the Hutton girls got anywhere chairs for Christmas, I have been lusting for them for the boys. Bob and I decided that it would be a good birthday present that would last for several years, so I tried to do it on the cheap and buy from ebay. Let this be a lesson to me, never buy gifts for birthdays (even a month in advance) from ebay. It worked out in the end, but they weren't here for their birthday. Oh well, sometimes el cheapo fails to produce on time. It worked out well, though, as the boys really enjoy their chairs.
James sports his shirt hat while relaxing in his chair.
Michael likes to read in his chair.
Ryan makes a pit-stop in James' chair.
Still reading.
Musically talented and inclined is young Ryan.
Ooops, I did it again. Dropped it!
Pensive with Pacifier.
I'm pretty sure you might have seen this pose before on Cops.
Our mountain goat scales the chair to retrieve the forbidden.
Success can be shared with a brother.
The container for the thermometer is just fascinating.
James doesn't care what remote he appropriates, even the remote for the digital picture frame will do.


  1. Two questions:
    1. Do they know which chair is theirs?

    2. Why the heck are your kids wearing long-sleeve/long pant PJ's in the middle of the summer? Ha, ha!

    Julie Linker

  2. Love em! I have no idea how you found room for THREE chairs! Those things take up lots of room! (We got ours on eBay, too! Half the price of Pottery Barn!)

    I can't believe they are already running and climbing on everything! I don't know how you do it!

  3. Julie,

    Their chairs are color-coded, and they recognize their colors. Ryan always gets green, Michael blue, and James red. Sometimes we have to deviate, but in general, that's how it works, so they know which one is theirs. That being said, they also like to share, so typically they hop from chair to chair like tiny little gazelles. As for long sleeve PJs, they don't use their blankets yet, so I don't want them to get cold at night. Although we live in Texas, we do have an air conditioner. Haha. :)


  4. Garrett loves his chair. and so does the dog:)My sister in Law bought it for him, and it was def an all-time favorite gift:)
    PS Garrett still wears long sleeved PJs to bed, too:)