Thursday, July 29, 2010


The Fourth of July was a lot of fun for the boys. They got to stay up late, were in a parade, watched fireworks, and hung out with Riley and his family. In addition to being our nation's celebration of independence, our little guys celebrated with a little independent walking of their own. In some ways walking is much easier for Mommy, but in others, it's a bit of a challenge.
In Haslet, they have about a ten minute parade in which all the kids in town are invited to participate. Bob and I decided it would be fun for the boys to be in the parade, and Aunt Faith walked along with us for company. When the fire trucks and ambulances went past with their screaming sirens, James and Michael were not happy, but when we hopped in line with the rest of the kids, they enjoyed their ride. By the time we passed Daddy and the rest of the family, the boys were almost asleep, and Aunt Faith had selectively scored some candy. From the parade route, we headed to the baseball field to picnic and wait for the fireworks.
The Erenos came to celebrate the 4th with us, and Riley enjoyed checking out the helicopter that landed right behind our picnic spot.
The boys posed for a picture by the helicopter, but they enjoyed trying to eat the grass more.
They also enjoyed taking a ride in their new wagon. I think they roped every adult available into giving them a ride. Let me just say that a wagon with three little men is not very light. I used to be able to climb the stairs with two of them without getting out of breath, but such is not the case anymore. I can't believe how fast they are growing and how heavy they are getting.
After the sun went down, we watched the fireworks. Joseph spent most of the night holding Ryan who wasn't feeling very well. Bob and Michael watched the show together, and I snagged James from Grandpa Newhouse. The boys all seemed to like the fireworks, but boy were they close. The kid in front of us got burned by a cinder, and it was a lot easier to watch them laying down rather than sitting up. The boys did really well and seemed to have a great time. This outing made me realize that it was time to get the boys their first shoes. I had previously bought flip flops that didn't really work out, so now they are the proud owners of white and navy tennis shoes (all a half-size apart, so I bought a fourth pair so that we could all move up when we outgrow our current shoes - hopefully it works out as well as I am hoping).

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